September 21, 2010

Tv and fire

So, did you know you could stream movies and TV shows to your iPhone with Netflex?! 
Well, I didn't until about a month ago... And now my middle of the night  feedings are a lot more interesting.... So far this week ( starting on Saturday because that's how I start my weeks, ok?)
I've watched the Veggie Tales Movie: Johan, which I watched to recover from watching the show The Riches which turned out to be too dark for my taste.. And now I'm having a Prison Break revival starting with season one. Gosh I loved this show when it first came out... I distinctly remember watching it late at night on DVD waiting for Brett to call me from Washington when he'd get off work, back when we were dating... Gotta love long distance relationships ;-) 

In other news I went shopping today to buy things on Bretts wishlist to send in his care package ( incidentally, I think ive more than covered all his wishes and I feel sure that he won't be able to remotely finish all the food in the time try given him- you don't get to keep your packages and they only give you so long to eat the content...BUT if any of you are heartset on sending him a package, feel free to fill a box with yummy treats and I'm sure Brett will share with other starved ( I almost typed "half starved" just then... But that wasn't accurate) Rangers. After buying all his treats and calming my screaming child ( Ransom does NOT like the car seat) I then made more of my totally awesome White Chocolate Cranberry cookies for Bretts box... I also, because I am now the queen of multitasking ( see: the time I opened the mail while peeing)  I was also cooking black eyed peas for dinner... And SOMEHOW I caught a dish towel on fire on the blackeyed pea burner while taking the cookies out of the oven. It was very dramatic. But, the smoke alarms did not go off which I was torn over... On one hand... We could all die because of lack of alarm, but on the other hand it had take me forever to get my kid to sleep and SO HELP ME if an alarm woke him up...

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Amy Bushatz said...

Glad you didn't burn the joint down, but I dig the alarm conundrum.
In other news, that netflix business was one of the key things people were upset about when AT&T nixed their unlimited plan. What's the point if you have to pay tons-o. Lucky you are grandfathered in ;-)