September 10, 2010

The shortest 8 hours EVER

So, I've gotta start this post off with a big thank you to my son who allowed me to sleep for FOUR HOURS IN A ROW last night. That's right. It was GLORIOUS.

Anyway, I hope we repeat that again tonight because Mommy had a BIG DAY today! Because, TODAY we got to see Brett!!! YAY!!

He got leave from noon to 8pm....Our dear dear friend Marie offered to do Brett's laundry for him which was a WONDERFUL blessing since he had a LOT of REALLY NASTY laundry to be done, and so instead of spending our day wrangling that- Brett was able to take a two and a half hour nap ( the poor guy had only gotten two hours of sleep the night before and not much more the previous few nights...seriously they are trying to kill him!) and eat pizza, cookies, peanut m&ms, an avacado ( random, but he wanted it!) and several cups of coffee, plus a roast beef dinner right before he had to go back. This did my heart good since he's already lost seven pounds in just these first three weeks... Of course, he also had to do annoying Ranger School related tasks like get another haircut ( aka shave his head) and buy EVEN MORE expensive Ranger School related gear ( honestly, if you want to make money go into the Ranger School gear selling business). But, it was ultimately a wonderful blessing to be able to spend any time with him. I have missed him so very very much.

Of course, it was also wonderful to see Brett with Ransom, it hurts my heart to think how much Brett is going to miss over the next two months but then again, there is still so much of Brett in Ransom even without Brett around...check out this gorgeous picture. Its seriously my favorite I've taken so far...because look how they are sleeping exactly the same!!! AWWW

And so I tried not to think about the hardships that Brett is about to face over these next weeks, or how much I'm going to miss him-instead I tried to soak up the goodness of these few moments together! I also have to admit I am soaking in the goodness of God that He got Brett through this first phase without a recycle (aka him having to do the phase again) or getting kicked out-no, He got us through and not just by the skin of our teeth! No, instead the Lord has shown us countless mercies these last three weeks and I know that He will not stop there.
I asked Brett if it was just as hard going back to Ranger School now as it was being dropped off three weeks ago, he said no. He said it was easier because now he knows the people he's working with-he says he generally likes his squad, he has now gotten through some of the toughest challenges ( that are in those first few days of ranger school) and he has also seen how faithful the Lord has been thus far and he knows that the Lord will continue to be faithful.

So, with that being said! Here's to the next three weeks! aka The Mountain Phase

You can write Brett letters at the following address:

Captain Brett Wilson
Roster #324
5th Ranger Training Battalion
3rd Sqd, 1st Plt Company C
ATTN: Class 10-10
1 Camp Merrill
Dahlonega, GA 30533-1802

Also, at the end of this phase he'll be able to receive packages so if you want to send a care package I'll give you some more details on that in a few weeks :-)
Brett has already received and enjoyed many of your letters and he mentioned many of them to me today. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to know that he's being reminded of all our love while he's dealing with so many harsh conditions. We are blessed!


Anonymous said...

Yay! That is wonderful and our hearts leap with joy for him and the gifts that God so gracious gives! You guys are a beautiful family! Time with you guys will be that umph behind what God is already doing to get him through it! I can't imagine the gratitude and joy you are feeling! Love, Amber

kristy said...

aww this made my heart sing! Just knowing how God is watching and blessing your family with special moments together. He truly is faithful and will continue to show His love to you all even in the little things. Love the pics!! xx

Anonymous said...

Just Curious, how does your heart leap for joy and sing? Does it come with batteries? lol

Katie said...

So happy to read this post. AND see the adorable pictures. You couldn't ask for a more perfect picture w/ them sleeping in the same position!