September 08, 2010

With one hand tied behind my back...

I am going to attempt typing this with one hand...the other is occupied with patting my screaming one can accuse me of neglect! He gets my left hand! And since Im left handed, he's getting my very best!!

Anywho, today I got a letter from Brett!!!!! While it was not dated, I can semis that it was written over a week and a half! It was fairly informative, sounds like its more physically taxing than he remembers the first ( course, just like child birth, most pain is quickly forgotten!) And is having trouble with swelling in his hands and feet plus he is recovering from a fall where he injured a rib...
But, in all this I sensed a lightness in spirit, something that I also noticed when I got to see him on Saturday*...I can only attest this to all those who have been praying for him! He said he's gotten quite a few of your letters and that even though he doesn't get much time to "think" that when he does he is strengthened by the thought of all the support that we both have...and indeed we do! We are so very blessed!

Tomorrow we should find out if he passed his "peer review" ( think getting voted off the island...but even more brutal) and I believe that if he passes that then he'll officially have passed the first phase! PRAISE THE LORD!!! WOOOOO!

* So, on Friday I got a call from one of our friends who works at the Ranger Battalion and he said that he had been thinking and praying for Brett on his way home from work and that it struck him that Brett would be doing his Jump on Saturday and that if I just went out to the airfield on Saturday then I would be able to see him for a minute!! He gave me a good little lecture about how I shouldn't draw attention to Brett or really even call out his name ( you don't want to draw undo attention to oneself in Ranger School...) but that at least we might be able to wave at each other. So, Saturday morning Amy ( Amy was visiting me...and thus had the "privilege of sitting in the hot sun with me), Ransom and I packed up and sat in the sun for about an hour and half...watching feverishly as tiny dots being dropped from the sky turned into men in uniform...FINALLY one of those dots turned into Brett and we waved and smiled at each other...and then Brett came over to me!! I pleaded with him to not talk to me since I didnt want him to get in trouble, but he would have none of it! And so we talked for several minutes...and he got to look at Ransom and see how much he's grown! It was glorious!
Of course, all good things in Ranger School must come to an end...because he was then found out and yelled at. I, of course, felt sick to my stomach...if I had some how gotten Brett in trouble and therefore hurt his chances of passing then I would be physically ILL! But, after a phone call to our Ranger Instructor friend I found that the worse Brett would recieve was a slap on the wrist! WHEW!!! So back to being happy about getting to see him!!

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Rachael said...

Very cool story! I'm glad he didn't get in serious trouble.