September 18, 2010


So, dropped Carmi off at the shuttle to take her back to the airport and back to her grand adventure around the USA...I cannot tell you how lucky I feel that she spent a whole week with me. It was an absolute delight just to hang out with her day in and day out-with no plans or agenda hanging over was awesome and I am sad to see the time end.

And now, now to another week with just me and Ransom. WOO! To review, the last time it was just Ransom and I for a week I was reduced to tears several times-and most of those times it was because of my great overwhelming gratitude to all those who came around me and supported me during that time. It was truly an incredible testimony of God's goodness to me. Of course, some of those times I was crying it was because I was totally and completely overwhelmed-but hopefully ( HA!) Ransom and I have both grown up a tad in the past two weeks and we'll now be much more capable of hanging out just the two of us....and just to add an element of surprise and suspense to the week I've decided to take this opportunity to move Ransom into his own room. DUH-DUH-DOOOOON.
I've noticed over this last week how much BETTER he sleeps when he's all alone in a room without anyone else in there-even breathing seems to bother him to some degree....and since he's also started to get waaay more vocal in his sleep I think that we'll both sleep better..or at least we will once I get over the extreme sense of anxiety I feel having him ALL THE WAY IN THE OTHER ROOM.

We'll see how it goes. I will like having all the baby stuff confined to its own room instead of half in my room, half in his room...that will be really nice.

And now to the really important part of this post:

I got a letter from Brett today! YAY! First of all, his address has changed-so take note of that ( I've decided to post Brett's address over in the side bar for easy access...), but don't worry he's gotten several of the letters that I and others have already sent so I don't think its a HUGE deal if you use the previously posted address...

Once again Brett is terribly sleep deprived and the letter was written over several days because he continued to fall asleep as he wrote it-at one point he had completely lost track of what day it was ( they had made him take his watch off). Also apparently the instructors in this phase have treated them much worse than they did in the previous phase. He said they enjoy doing "Ranger Games" which is apparently finding new and interesting ways to make the Ranger Students lives hell. It did seem like Brett was struggling to remain positive with this development but he was doing pretty well for the moment.
On a positive note, he had passed all of his tests so far and said that some of the things they were doing might even be considered "fun" if they weren't in Ranger School. Also, he had had an opportunity to talk to some of the guys in his squad about spiritual things even though Brett said he felt like he himself was not doing a very good job praying for opportunities...although, I personally feel like he should cut himself a break since he IS sleep and food deprived! But, that's why I love Brett he is constantly evaluating and trying to do better and I know that the Lord will continue to honor his heart for people. Please continue to pray for Brett and those around him! I KNOW the Lord is already answering those prayers that have already been lifted up! And I am continually encouraged when I think how the Lord has blessed us thus far. :-)

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