October 02, 2010

A machine

I am currently a feeding machine. I'm assuming Ransom is going through some sort of growth spurt ( or at least he BETTER BE) because the little dude has been waking up every three hours at night ( something I really thought he'd grown out of) and every two hours all day today to chow down....This has made me extra hungry ( this may or may not be in my mind...but whatever gives me the excuse to eat all these M&Ms I'm going with it).

In other, unrelated news, I have new neighbors. They have two daughters...or as I will call them from now on...two high pitched screaming banshees. I mean, seriously, people...the octave that little girls can reach when screaming-whether a happy scream, a mad scream, a sad scream or a "walking to the car" scream-it is all WAAAAAAY too much for my ears. I am annoyed. Which could also be directly related to my lack of sleep...and hunger.

So, in other unrelated news...I've put up Brett's new address...its highly possible that his Platoon and Squad ( and maybe even company) will change again since there is usually a reshuffle after each phase-but I feel like we can go with what we've got and it'll get to him, the mail people seem pretty good about getting him his letters :-)

Ok, also...( I won't say unrelated because I think we've established that this post is very "unrelated") I think I smell like sour milk. I've been smelling it off and on all day...and I think it may actually be ME! This is super embarrassing and now I must go take a shower before Ransom wakes up YET. AGAIN.

Bonus: I've added yet another tab at the top of the page, and "About Me" section which is really very self-involved. BUT, if you go read it-you maaaaay find a not-very-well-hidden Easter Egg. Or whatever they call them...but yeah, there's a little surprise in there. 


Anonymous said...

So, you're blogging letters to Ransom now? I love it! Very sweet.

-Amy K.

humbleadoration said...

Ah sour milk. I remember those days. Now I smell like onions. Seriously. It's an uncommon side effect of nursing. I'm hoping that my body resets before the next baby so I don't smell so gross to myself all the time.

Growth spurts are fun! I don't want to give you false hope, but Zuzu seemed to learn to sleep longer after a few days of cluster feeding. It made it totally worth it to deal with a few days of constant nursing.

Biggs said...

So you shouldn't post tempting things like Easter Eggs for people who read this at work. How do I explain to the next student who comes in why I am tearing up? Thanks a alot, Abigail. ;-)