October 01, 2010

Same music...different tune

I am once again listening to the sound track of my child crying...but the Lord was TRULY merciful to me this evening and, somehow, I can handle it a little better now...

Just when I was really at the end of my rope ( seriously, I was having a hardcore inner monologue about how awful things where) when who was to call me on the phone?!?!


Yay!! I got to talk to him for a whole five minutes and it just so happened to be a five minute period when his son was NOT screaming but smiling and cooing to himself so Brett was about to talk to his son and actually get some cute responses and NOT the screaming that I'm currently privy to...and OOOOOOH! Can I tell you how wonderful it was to hear his voice?!? AND on top of that Brett is infact moving on to the final stage of Ranger School as of tomorrow....ANNNNND on top of that if he passes the final stage then he'll actually be home earlier than I thought ( apparently they give them a few days before graduation to put on a little weight-probably so mothers everywhere do not file complaints with the federal government) and so I could see him as early as the 18th or 19th! AAAAAAHHHHHH!

Ok, lets stop a moment and realize just how weak I am...and how generous and merciful God is! I got off the phone with Brett and sat on my bed and told Ransom just how wonderful the Lord is that He is gracious and kind to his weak mother by letting her have a glimmer of hope JUST when I needed it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Abbey, hope Ransom cheers up about the whole sleeping idea soon. We used to hear about kids that would be toddlers or even school age that couldn't sleep without their parents holding them or something along those lines when we did paeds because that was how they'd ended up being trained to sleep. I'm sure the day will come that the training now will pay off!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous that you heard from your husband. My brother is in the same class, and he did not call anyone. I am a little upset. He always calls. Any words of wisdom or help?

Abigail... said...

Aww! I'm sorry you didn't hear from your brother-but there could definitely be reasons why he didn't call. Depending on what company he was in also depends on the leadership and what they'll allow. Its possible he may have had stricter leadership, or that he let someone else us his phone time. OR maybe you'll hear from him today :-)
Hoping for the best for you!

Katie said...

So thankful Brett is on the last leg of this thing. And that's so great he may get here earlier than expected. :)