October 17, 2010

No end in sight

I've been meaning to post for days, but along with having my dearest friend Lindsay here ( why waste time blogging, when she's around?!) and my long lost friend Amy moving in LITERALLY within throwing distance( if you had a good arm) and Bethany returning for Round 2 of her visits... Well..normal days just haven't happened!
But the MAJOR reason there has been no blogging has been the return of Monmy Duties Extreme... Poor baby Ransom has been SERIOUSLY unhappy the last few days, which has made ME seriously unhappy! I'm still not entirely sure what was/is wrong with him ( projectile vomiting, fussiness, not sleeping..) but I'm praying like crazy that the end of it is near.

However, seriously, when I think about it- when I look at the lives of other Moms I know, I'm realizing more and more that you NEVER seem to reach a point of real normalcy.... Something always seems to be coming up to throw a wrench in your plans. I'd like to think that this is 3am talking ( the time that I'm writing this post) but I'm thinking sadly, no. I would, however, at LEAST like ONE WEEK where I feel like my child is sleeping and eating well, followed by ANOTHER WEEK of the same.. That's what I'd like.

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Biggs said...

Hey, friend! I would like to offer some hope in the Mommyhood. Yes, if you make plans, he's likely to ruin them, but I will say there will be days (in a row) and maybe even weeks (in a row) this year that things will be great. He will sleep through nights consecutively and go days without being sick or crying too loudly. Alexander hits 15 weeks next week and there have been many days he was eating well, laughing and sleeping through the night back to back. Still a sickness or hospital visit here and there, but it gets better and it will for you too. Plus Daddy's coming home!! And this should give Mommy a few nights off and mornings to sleep in in the very near future!