October 12, 2010

Think ahead!

So, when you say something like, "Next week I'm not going to eat any sweets!" you should really think ahead and realize that on Tuesday you're going to have to take your son to the doctor and realize that the ONLY WAY to recover from that is ice cream.

I think the worst thing about the whole affair is that I think so much of Ransom's distress could have been prevented. Like, they could have been running on time and so my carefully planned out schedule that I made JUST FOR TODAY so that Ransom would be fed and awake would work. But NO...instead, Ransom was already dosing and fussy and really really needing a nap by the time the annoying lady came to give him his shots. And THEN she had to NOT have her act together and gave him one shot...and then waited forever doing WHO KNOWS WHAT while she got the other one ready...and my sweet little boy had already screamed and calmed himself back down. So this meant that with the second shot he was HYSTERICAL! She also gave him the liquid medicine first...the sweet stuff that probably would have helped calm him down from his Annoying Woman Induced screams, BUT NO.

And THEN...THEN they made us wait in the pharmacy for thirty minutes.
So, seriously once Ransom got home his little cries reached this high pitch that I have NEVER heard before. It was awful.

And so, he ate,  I gave him his tylenol and he's now taking an epic nap and I'm eating ice cream. We both deserve it.


Katie said...

Yes you do!

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor, little boy. I hope the ice cream is as healing for you as the nap will be for Ransom.

Yo Mama