October 01, 2010

You're invited!

To a Pity Party....

I'm throwing said party right now...the refreshments are Peanut M&Ms ( as luck would have it, I filled the bowl this afternoon...) and the soundtrack is Ransom going down for his nap-aka crying.

Let's get this party started!

First of all, I miss Brett. A. Lot.  And today it was strikingly clear when I went and penned airborne wings on Jaymon at his Airborne graduation. I know that BOTH of us would have rather had Brett be there doing that for him. I was a sad, sad substitute.

And it was also strikingly clear when a giant branch from a tree outside our house landed squarely on top of one of our cars...incidentally the car that I use everyday...the other car, the Prius- has low pressure in the tires and I haven't had a chance to take care of it since Brett left....anyway, so this giant branch landed on the car and did some damage to the passenger side of the car...nothing terrible, mostly just monitary damage ( you KNOW its gonna cost a million dollars to repair those dents and all that paint damage) and time damage ( you KNOW its going to be huge ol' hassle to get it appraised and then fixed with a baby in toe). And when it all comes down to it I just tired and grumpy about life and its times like these that you'd really like your husband there to commiserate with you.

But, as luck (?) would have it...its highly possible that Brett is parachuting into Florida tomorrow and thus starting the last phase of Ranger School...and that is SUCH good news, or at least it should be...if I wouldn't continually be a Debby Downer inside my head saying things like, "All these good things happening to us will surely end..."

Of course, having a giant branch fall on your car is not good...so maybe that'll take place of anything bad happening to Brett. ;-)

OH! And NONE of you said anything about my list of favorite posts...so BOO!

Ok. Parties over...I'll go do my best to turn off the soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

By chance have you heard from your husband to say that he has made it to Florida? When do you expect to hear from him?

Thomas, Katie, and Eden said...

So when the first tree fell at our house in Texas (how i wish I did not have to make a distinction between which tree falling incident I'm referring too :) ) Thomas was out of town. Just for the week. I was just pregnant, no real live, crying child. It only damaged our neighbors house, only blocked my car into the driveway (incidentally I'm pretty sure it was your dad who came with a chainsaw making it possible for me to get out). And I STILL felt totally bummed to be dealing with it "alone". Sorry for your rough day!!

Amy Bushatz said...

I didn't SAY anything but I definitely thought "yes that packing one is a real gem." So there's that.

Yay Brett!