November 26, 2010

"The Future"

There are times when I'm doing something that I think, "Whoa, we're living in the future!!" As in ah-la The Jetsons....

Such times are, when I'm doing Face to Face calls with my phones. THATS definitely something I did not think would ever be real.

Having a "skype date" with Lydia and Paul in New Zealand...seriously, Brett and I sitting and talking to them as though they were in the room with us. Wow.

Taking a picture of a check and then watch it IMMEDIATELY get deposited into my bank account. This is just incredible.

Using Shazaam to name songs- hold up a device, let it listen to 15 seconds of a song and then it just TELLS YOU what it is!! That's black magic, people....

Streaming TV and movies to my phone and to my seconds. AMAZING

Looking up an address on google maps, then using the satellite to actually LOOK at the address. I know what your house looks like from the outside. Freaky.

And now, now I can go to my mobileme page and login and it will tell me where my phone is, and from the computer I can turn my phone on....send a message to the screen, even lock it....CRAAAAZY!


JudyCEM said...

And all this keeps us older folk's brains sharper for having to learn it all to keep up! :)

Anonymous said...

I can remember talking to a friend on the phone one day about how crazy it would be to be able to see each other while you were talking on the phone. Less than 20 years later and it's common!

Amy Bushatz said...

I think it's amusing that most of the things you just talked about are iphone related. You totally drank the kool-aid.
A Happy Blackberry User

Lyds said...

Loved the Skype date...we even had coffee :-) This week is full with moving to Tauranga this weekend, but next week we should be able to find a time that matches us both. Praying for you all!!!