November 25, 2010


Today was a lovely Thanksgiving...far cry for LAST Thanksgiving which Brett and I spent at IHop. 

I feel truly blessed that while we are not able to spend such holidays with our family, we ARE able to spend it with "family"...the one that we have created during this past year at Benning has been hard in coming but I love them all the more for it. 

Brett and I are currently watching Pride and Prejudice ( it seemed like a good Thanksgiving movie) and I'm feeling a tad on the ill side ( probably a combo of too much meat and a loooot of chocolate. ugg) and so I shall give you an extended list of things that I am thankful for: 

The very obvious and yet most important: My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to whom I owe my very Life. 
My wonderful husband who truly does live out his part of Ephesians 5 every day. My son who is happy, healthy and growing every day. He makes our lives infinitely  more interesting. 

I am also thankful for- in no particular order...
 Hulu and all that free TV. Cougar Town, Modern Family, Parenthood, Raising Hope, Glee, Castle, Lie to Me, Bones, Chuck and The Office
iPhone 4 and Face 2 face calls with "Spicy and Papa". 
Papa Johns ham and pineapple pizza.
Burp clothes and how they ( for the most part) save my clothes from constant ruin 
 Diaper pails that save my house from being super smelly.

Angry birds the most addictive game. ever.

 Oatmeal, which I only just recently started to like...odd.

 My Bible, it is the Word of God afterall, what a blessing that I have it at my finger tips. 

 Ransom's bouncy chair and how much he loves it.

 Swaddle Blankets and how they magically make my child sleep for hours and hours. 

Pandora Radio-particularly the Glee station and the Christmas Classical station. 

Red shoes, always make an outfit better.

Nail polish, especially "Commander and Chic" 

Gilmore Girls on DVD and the familiarity of each episode. 

Cupcakes, little pieces of happiness. 

Mail, especially cards. 

Facebook status updates-the best way to, with one glance, keep up with hundreds of friends at once.

Long phone conversations with my sister in which we talk almost exclusively about our children. 

Reading Harry Potter with my husband, even the horribly awkward Book 5. 

Prayer walks with my friend Michelle in the mornings. 
My espresso machine ( sooo glad I bought this for Brett as a present. haha!) 
Java Jacks coffee online ordering capabilities. 
Amazon Primes free shipping...although that "one-click" button is DANGEROUS. 
The fact that Conan is back on TV. 
My child's ability to sleep till 5am and then sleep another three hours after eating. 
The movie The Holiday. Its my new favorite "Holiday" movie. Jack Black is fab. 
Blog readers, all of you make me feel just a little bit more connected and a little less crazy every time you leave me a comment. 

Happy Thanksgiving....

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