January 13, 2011

Go ahead, cross it off!

So, once I had Ransom my days slowed waaay down.  And since I recently learned that my personality type is a ESTP: The Doer I have had to some how make do with feeling like I havent achieved something during my days-especially on days when I haven't put on "real person" clothes until 3pm.

And being the obsessive list person that I am, I have had to  find my comfort in crossing things off my list. Of course, now things like "packing up the Pack N Play" from our bedroom when we had Ransom in our room over the weekend because we had house guests ( whew! That was an intense runon sentence, even for me!) that becomes something that is actually an "achievement" that not only makes the list but is worthy of some sense of success when accomplished. Also, now that Ransom is a part of my life, things like "make cookies" which I needed to do for a friend who is moving, well, thats something that SHOULD only take a little while, but literally took me all day. I started the process at 9am and delivered them at 4:30. I use to think this was a sad state of affairs, but I've learned to except it. And be ok with it. And today Ransom and I drove the 20 minutes to Hallmark where I bought cards for the Birthdays coming up in the next few months-Which brings me to a sad observation. WHY ARE ALL THE GOOD STORES SO FAR AWAY!?!

  1. Target
  2. Marshalls
  3. The Frozen Yogurt place ( yes, this makes the list)
  4. Hallmark
  5. Starbucks
  6. Hobby Lobby
  7. Wal-Mart ( yes this makes the list, only because sometimes they have what I need....
They are ALL super far off.  This is annoying because I only have limited "travel time" available to me. Like today, Ransom fell asleep in the car on the way home from Hallmark...

Side note: IS HE NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?! I nearly had a wreck when I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw him looking like this. I mean, REALLY!!!! GEEZ! CAN HE GET ANY CUTER?!?! I say no. 

Anyway, back to what I was saying. You would THINK that him falling asleep in the car would be good, but since the trip is only 20 minutes-that's long enough to fall asleep in, but not a long enough time to constitute a nap. BUT when we get home, and Ransom inevitably wakes up, his little body is all like, I'M RESTED AND READY TO PLAY when in reality his body is NEITHER of these things and he and I both have to put up with his grumpy pants until I can finally get him to take a REAL nap. BUT....I'm learning to be ok with this. I'm learning to say, "Look, world! I REALLY want to go buy cards!" 
...and so it will be worth the minimal pain and suffering that Ransom and I must go through to make it happen." 

Look how I've grown....look how adjusted I am!



Stacey said...

Love it! You ARE so adjusted. :) And by the way, you're doing great!

Amy Bushatz said...

News! The starbucks on post claims that they will "soon" be accepting the starbucks card. Therefore I will "soon" be able to buy drinks there. That's totally a start.
Other news: the security word below for me to be able to post this comment is "tapas." Mmmm ... tapas.