January 24, 2011

new social scene

So, there is DEFINITELY something sharp happening on Ransom's bottom gum line-which MAAAAAAY just explain last weeks HORRIBLENESS.

Which, you know, that'd be awesome if we could just move past that.

In other news this week one of my major goals is to only go to the grocery store ONCE. This is pretty much my goal every week-but last week I went three times and I usually average at least two...but NOT THIS WEEK. Oh no. Some how I will only go once.

And if I forget something or they don't have it, than gosh darn it we will JUST MAKE DUE without it.

That being said I've become a lot more "zen" about grocery shopping of late. I have several friends who hate it as much as I do ( and for the record, I didn't USE to hate it...there's just something about having a kid that makes it the LAST POSSIBLE THING you want to do...) and discussing our mutual hatred has motivated me over the last few weeks to try and change my attitude.

So, recently every time we go the store I take a moment to remind myself that we can take ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to get our groceries ( this is actually a little white lie, because we really dont since usually Ransom will eventually get cranky and start to desolve into a little mushy pile of baby woes...but I tell myself the lie nonetheless) and that we are there to make OTHER PEOPLE happy if we can....and then I put Ransom in the Baby Bjorn facing outwards so he can see people and then we go into the store.

And that's where I've noticed something. Ever since I started showing in my pregnancy and was most definitely pregnant and not just fat ( not counting that one time when I WAS just fat...but lets not talk about that) complete strangers feel like I'm open for business when it comes to chatting.
WHO KNEW that as a Procreator that meant that I was going to become friendly with strangers?!?

Luckily its mostly elderly people that like to stop and chat and I am a HUGE fan of old people. And now that Ransom can smile at them and flirt with people with his awesome hair and slobbery grin, pretty much EVERY PERSON in the store wants to stop and talk to him.
Not me.
Which, begs the question....Ransom doesn't talk. Am I suppose to respond for him, or are we all suppose to stand their in a short-but-not-short-enough silence and pretend to wait for him to respond, or am I just suppose to awkwardly laugh to fill the silence? ( I usually go with the last one.) Anyway, up until a few weeks ago I was annoyed with all the people wanting to stop and chat, didn't they KNOW I just wanted to grab that can of beans that is just right there behind them and then GO?! I did not want to tell them how old Ransom is....I did not want to tell them his name...and I did not want them to ask him if he liked the grocery store.
But, now, with my brand new attitude adjustment I've come to see that babies bring people a bit of pleasure. And, hey, I'm ALL FOR people admiring Ransom and so if there is some way for he and I together to bring some happiness to someone ELSE'S shopping trip than that's what we're there to do.
The grocery store just became our new social scene.
( but we're only going once) -haha


humbleadoration said...

My goal is to make myself go to the grocery store at least once a week. I'm a pro at making do without things, but Jason starts to worry when we run out of milk, bread, cheese, or cereal. I know we're in trouble when he starts asking if there is any food in the house. Doesn't he know that dry beans and rice are food if you just cook them?

I tell Zuzu before we walk in the store that her job is to make people happy. She's always been pretty incredible at the social aspect of grocery shopping. (She hates other stores, but I'm not sure why.) I answer for her but I've had the same dilemma about the right way to handle baby-directed questions.

My favorite part of having a baby in the store with me is that my talking to myself looks like I'm talking to her. I'm hoping that fewer people think I'm crazy this way because I honestly can't remember what I'm supposed to get or figure out labels if I don't talk aloud.

Katie said...

Ha ha! We're always getting stopped too by elderly folks. I try to go after he eats breakfast so there's not many people, but that's when the elderly crowd is there which is fine. I find myself in the same awkward position when they try to talk to Morris. Sometimes I say for him, "say thank you," after a compliment even though I know he can't do it. But I don't know what else to do!!

Keri said...

thanks for your advice Abigail! I too dread the grocery store like no other. But your approach has worked well last week and this week. So...thanks!