January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Brett!!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. He's 28 years old. Which is really close to 30. 
I would like to take this moment to wish him a happy birthday-blog style since I have yet to talk to him face to face today. He left the house at o-dark-30 this morning and hasn't been home since. 
This is just a tiny example of what a hard worker he is, and yet when he gets home from his loooong day, he always plays with his son, loving on him to make up for lost time. 

I have always known how lucky I am to have Brett as my husband, but its cool to see the love he has focused on someone else. Watching it from the outside is truly wonderful. I am thankful for Brett's relationship with Christ, the fact that it drives him and motivates him in everything that he does. I am thankful for his giving and tender spirit that makes me a better person every day by providing me with a whole different ( usually better!) perspective on life. I am thankful for Brett's love of coffee and books and movies that makes our lazy afternoons together fun. I am thankful for Brett's sense of humor that makes our home more joyful....

And now his son just woke up from a too-short nap so I better go.

Happy Birthday Brett/Daddy!!

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