January 07, 2011


I'm torn.

On one hand I'm glad its Friday because I miss having Brett around this week ( going from half days at work, to no work at all and now back to 5am-5pm is for me too much to adjust to!) on the other hand this weekend is gonna be extra busy and that makes me tired just thinking about it! haha. 
Lots and lots of hostessing duties...

But check out my cute baby. The baby who woke up 40 minutes into his nap and has been lying there cooing to himself ever since. HOW DO I KNOW THIS?! Because of my TOTALLY AWESOME video monitor that my sister and I got each other for Christmas. 

Honestly, its awesome. Normally I would A. Not know he wasn't asleep. B. If I did here him I'd probably go in and check on him and then ruin these minutes when he's totally content looking up at his space mobile. 

Yes, I recommend one of these babies to ALL MOMMIES EVERYWHERE. 

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Amy Bushatz said...

I will say its possible to obsess with that ... I have a friend with one who just sits there and stares at it all the time to make sure her kid isn't dead in what can only be called Baby Prison -- no blankets, no bears, no toys, nothing. Just prison.