January 07, 2011


So, here we are... My left arm becoming more and more numb. Ransom has a cold and therefore this means. Sleep. Nonexistent.
This makes NO SENSE to me since shouldn't your body just shut down and let one sleep and sleep for hours so as to recover from ones sickness?! Nope. Which brings us back to my limp and dead arm that is currently supporting 15 some odd pounds on it.
APPARENTLY a sick baby is a needy baby.

But that means I'm stuck in this chair writing a blog post with my right thumb to keep myself entertained.

I wonder if I'm going to have to cut my arm off like that guy from that 127 Hours movie ( which I did NOT SEE.... who wants to watch a dude slowly go crazy and then chop his arm off just to survive as ENTERTAINMENT?!) ? Anyway, its not like I has big afternoon plans. I was going to eat some chocolate and clean the bathroom floors. The chocolate part is regrettable.

As long as Ransoms sleep total for the day is more than the current "45 min" that he's running on, it'll be well worth it. I mean SERIOUSLY, DUDE that's not enough as per your earlier break down that led us to our current Left Arm Sacrifice.

So check out the cute pic of R getting ready for his walk. That seat cover rocks. He can be rockin shorts and a Tshirt under there and be toasty warm. And then that face sticking out slays me everytime.

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