February 17, 2011

Good things

We haven't had a nice little 'good things' post in a while...and this morning as I lounge on the couch watching Ransom play on the floor I figure I should share my good mood.

Thus good things, in no particular order:
-Healthy babies.  Yesterday was Ransom's six month wellness visit, and while I admit I was in a bad mood most of the day because I hate, hate, hate when nap times are ruined, I am beyond grateful that Ransom is a healthy baby. We are truly blessed.

-A four day weekend. We've been running at a particularly fast pace around here lately. At dinner the other night it was mentioned that we try to have guests for dinner once a week...but after further thought I realized we have guests for dinner more like TWICE a week on average. Let me tell you I loooove playing hostess, and having people around-but that being said, I look forward to a weekend of PJ wearing and take-out ....and Harry Potter reading.

-Dark chocolate. I know I've said it before, but its the greatest.

- Our iHome stereo system. This was my birthday present from Brett this year, I had originally wanted such a thing so that I could play music in Ransom's room...but its ended up finding its home in the dinning room and I have loved having music while I cook, feed Ransom, have lunch dates with ladies, play with Ransom...you name it, we have a soundtrack. ( its awesome because its now the permanent home of my old 3G iphone...we just loaded it up with all our music and now it lives there. nice use for it!)

-nine hours of sleep. Now I admit I got up once at around 4am to put Ransom's paci back in, but usually this doesn't happen. And we've been enjoying this reprieve between teething episodes to say that being able to have a good nights sleep should never, ever be taken for granted.

-Ransom's ability to sit un-aided. The kid was definitely getting cranky before this ability took its full hold. And I could TELL that all he wanted was a little added independence. And boooy is he happy now to sit on the floor and play! ( And I'm happy too!)

- Things to look forward to....not only do we have a four day weekend to look forward to, but March is stock full of really fun things. A visit from our wonderful friends Mike and Katie, a night away for Brett and I, a visit from my parents, another four day weekend...

-Baby clothes. A few days ago I switched out Ransom's clothes from 3-6mo clothes to his 6mo clothes ( yes, oddly enough, there is a difference). Annnyway, I've been having fun with all his new outfits.
Baby clothes can be really, really cute. And also really really random:


I mean, what the heck is going on with the turtle sitting on top of the ducks head?!?! 

-Fantastic weather. We've been rockin' it with the amazing weather here in Georgia this week. Its times like these that I need to remember that Washington is dark and dreary right about now and I should be GLAD I live here. *sigh* Anyway, we've been so super busy this week that we haven't had the time to fully enjoy the amazing weather. But, gosh darn it, today we will!!! We're going to spend some significant time out of doors! YAY!

- And then there's this....need I say more?

Pure, unadulterated contentment. We should all take some lessons. 


Misty Marie said...

Ur little one is adorable!!! I love reading ur blogs! And i gave you an award! Check out my blog!

Monica said...

I want a list of your soundtracks!!! We do allllll the same things around here, and totally need some new music options to liven this place up :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually laughed out loud about the turtle on the duck's head! HA! and am also so, so, so, so very happy about a 4 day!


Katie said...

Awe! We're so excited for our visit too!!! Only a couple of days now! ;)