February 23, 2011


Ransom's teething again. It is hell upon the earth. Honestly. I haaaaaate not getting a good nights sleep. :-(
I'm such a weenie and I know my little dude is in pain and that is rough too-especially when nothing seems to make it better.
And, as much as I know that teething is exciting to ALL of you (ha!), its actually a little crazier than all that...unlike most babies-who get their bottom front two teeth and then their top front two teeth...NOT MY BABY! He got the bottom two like normal, and then he's now cut his little SIDE tooth...making him a half vampire baby.
And I'm pretty sure that pointy tooth on the side ( too lazy to look up what its called) is much harder to push through ones gums than the front teeth....that dude is SHARP!

Last night I perused some old journals from my college days in search of some verses that my friend Carmi and I had gotten for the city of Christchurch when we were praying for it one day ( ahhhh! College days! How I loved those long un-interrupted prayer sessions!) Anyway, can I just say that while I had a lot of cool verses and quotes mixed throughout my journals...most of it is just EMBARRASSING. Wow.

So this morning I'm thinking God for loving me. And not just the immature college-me, but also the immature late-twenties mommy-me as well...because as "smart" and "with it" as I think I am right now, I know I will cringe when I get to be 38 and then 48...and one day when I stand before Jesus, oh how I will cringe. To see how smutty and flimsy I am and to think that Jesus loved (s) me anyway...Wow.

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Lyds said...

My nephew is only 3months and the Plunket nurse said yesterday that he's already cutting teeth. Explains why he would sleep today while I was babysitting and was only settled while I was holding him. Yep, I had a crash course in mothering with managing him and my 2yr old niece. I don't think I did not bad...but I can only imagine what it is like to do that every day! Praying for you my dear friend.