March 19, 2011

Saturday fun

It was seriously 88 degrees outside today...we've been spending tons of time sitting out on our patio-Ransom finds looking up at the sky incredibly entertaining, Brett and I spent our time finishing up Book Seven of the Harry Potter Series...we've been reading it since before Ransom was born-we're sad to see it over but since we're starting The Hobbit after this I think we've found a way to find some consolation. 

We also went out for Frozen Yogurt this afternoon, and the yogurt place in Columbus now sells cupcakes too! Kind of Random but two things I love in one place. Not. complaining. 


Anna M. said...

What?! Cupcakes and yogurt! I want to go there.

Katie said...

Awww... he looks so happy! Your day sounds wonderful, especially the warm weather.

Anonymous said...

haha! how funny! trisha and i went there saturday evening, as well :)