March 20, 2011

a relationship

My relationship with coffee started when I was young. You could say it was a "high school romance" that stuck around.

It has made getting up in the mornings bearable for at least ten years.

When Brett and I were first married I had the greatest job IN. THE. WORLD. as a barista at a local coffee shop...seriously, if there was a job that I'd like to do again it would most DEFINITELY be that one!

And then when Brett was deployed instead of having to go to therapy-which is, I hear, pretty expensive-I had a very real and intense "one latte a day" habit at Starbucks.

But, as with most relationships, things changed...and something came between me and coffee...something that neither of us expected.
 I got pregnant.

Don't worry, it wasn't coffee's baby. It was Brett's. But it did affect my relationship with coffee straight away. I was sooo sick during my first trimester that I went off coffee cold turkey. And then, once I
started feeling better and I once again tried to experience my former love, I experienced the worst heartburn IN LIVING HISTORY.

And so back to cold turkey.

And then, as you may remember, when I finally got Ransom out of me and I was able to go and experience my very first latte for almost a year....I had actual tears in my eyes. It was a special moment:

But, little did I know, I had apparently hurt coffee's feelings during my long absence and it turned on me like a jealous jealous lover. Thus I was awake that night at 3am-unable to sleep....unable to sleep during a period in my life when sleep was very VERY important. 

And so I turned to a lesser form of my love. Decaf. 

Its not the same. 

But, then, this morning when I was all bleary eyed and delirious I decided to turn back the clock and go no holds bar back to our original glory. Just a little teeny tiny cup at 8am. 

We'll see if its forgiven me yet when I go to sleep tonight...but as for now, the fact that I have the wherewithall to write this post before 9am shows that there are still SOME good things about our relationship. 

*incidentally I've decided to implement a "before Ransom wakes up"  Quiet Time schedule....something I feel like is a long time coming since it seems to be less possible to get all the things I need to get done, done during his nap times any more. Thus there is a REAL NEED for my relationship with coffee to return to normal. A REAL NEED. 


humbleadoration said...

All during this pregnancy, coffee stopped tasting right. It still smelled wonderful, but never lived up to my expectations. I'm still in a must-sleep, avoid-caffeine stage, but I'm looking forward to a mocha from Sweet Eugene's early in the day after Lizzie starts sleeping through the night.

Now if diet Dr Pepper ever turned on me, I might just curl up and quit.

humbleadoration said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweet Eugene'! love that place. Almost as good as Java Jack's! Hope your relationship gets back to normal soon...really like the idea of the "before Ransom wakes up" Quiet Time.

Aunt Donnave

Anonymous said...

Sweet Eugene's???? I got so excited, then realized that whoever posted that probably does not live in columbus and got kind of sad again. I think my fondness of college station has grown exponentially since i left. I just wanted to let you know that you make me laugh, Abigail :) You and coffee...


just lei said...

I would cry too if anything ever came between me and my cup of joe.. ~ love, love this speaks to, excuse me, I have my love affairs at night now (part of being old - doesn't 'affect' you or keep you up anymore)....puts me to sleep nicely ;-)

Stacey said...

Gosh! Does Brett know he may not be the father?!

Cute post!