March 31, 2011

Freak out! Advice! Exclamation point!

So, do to some unexpected turn of events, Ransom and I will be headed to Texas at the end of April! This is exciting on soooo many levels. Ransom'll get to chill with his grandparents, celebrate with his cousin Kilsyth on her first birthday, walk in the March of Dimes walk in memory of our dear friend Evan Wade and all in all have a grand ol' time.

But here's where it gets dicy.

I was literally awake until midnight last night worrying, making lists and trying to think of all possible travel scenarios for flying to Texas alone with my almost 9 month old. So, here's where my readers come in...tell me what to expect: security ( luckily we're flying through the Columbus Ga airport so things shouldn't be as crazy as they would be in Atlanta...), check in ( what can I take as carry on, what can't I?) and flights ( keep in mind Ransom will most likely be sitting in my lap, unless a miracle occurs and we get an extra seat!)
Ok, go...give me a piece of your mind ( Amy B, I'm looking at you...):


Stacey said...

I flew by myself from Wisconsin to Texas with Aidan (my oldest) when he was 10 months old. It wasn't so bad until he POOPED on the flight home and stunk up the WHOLE flight. The guy next to me literally held his nose the whole flight. I felt so bad, but had NO CLUE where to change a diaper on an airplane! Plus, I didn't want to open it up and stink up the plane even more!!!!

My advice? ASK THE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS if you need anything! In hindsight I totally should have asked where to change my baby's diaper! I can't believe we stunk up the whole airplane that WHOLE flight home!!

Amy Bushatz said...

Ha. Let's have an in person convo about this. Definitely not as scary as it seems, though -- you'll be fine!

Rachael said...

I have yet to fly with Esther alone, but every time we have all flown things have gone really well. You can actually take pretty much any foods/drinks you would need for the flight(s) (so don't be afraid to pack some bottles or two) even though they may be liquids (a bonus for toting an infant). The security people just check them out (kind of put some litmus paper type thing over the opened bottle...not IN it) when you go through security.

I always just changed Esther's diaper in the bathroom, that was definitely challenging because they are so small, but possible. I assume the flight is about two hours? I would just make sure he has his favorite toys/blanket/and pacifier (if uses) for the flight and maybe some books to keep him entertained. Most likely you would only need a few diapers for traveling four or five hours, but I'd err on the side of too many.

Also if you realized you forgot something, you can most likely buy it in the airport if it's really necessary (yes more money, but again if it's needed, it's okay).

My biggest tip, is stay calm, and give yourself PLENTY of time to go through security. I'm sure it will go better than you're imagining. Oh and if you are concerned that his ears may hurt, you can buy those ear plug things, or just make sure he's sucking on a pacifier or eating a bottle during take-off/landing.

Anonymous said...

Turns out you have to take your baby out, collapse your stroller, and put it through the scanner thingy...who came up with that idea?!!! - Katie Wright