March 31, 2011

A blog post about nothing of consequence

This is my favorite age of Ransom's so far...I'm definitely not a "baby-baby" person...or an infant person. As much as I loved Ransom when he was teeny tiny its SO FUN that we can now actually play together. He finds the most random things funny-yesterday I blew air in his face with the snot sucker ( ignore how gross that sounds) and he belly laughed for like ten minutes.

Also why is that Ransom likes really annoying kiddy music that sounds like carnival music, he'll bounce around in his own "dancing" way, but you put some GOOD music on...and no dancing! Where did he get his music tastes?!?

My friend Rolinda and I are throwing a baby shower in a couple of weeks. I loooove throwing parties. I love decorating the table and coming up with fun things to serve. I love party games. I love banners pretty paper products.

Ever since my umbrella got destroyed in the winds of Fort Benning- it has been cloudy and chilly outside. I guess that's one small solace that we're not missing out on nice weather because of lack of shade.

So for about a second I thought about following Dancing with the Stars this season, and then I realized its like TWO HOURS LONG, TWO TIMES A WEEK!! Who has that kind of time to commit?!?!

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