March 28, 2011

"So fun you'll think you've died!"

That was the slogan for my "Mystery Cruise: Heavenly Cruises" mystery dinner party that Brett and I through. And I have to say...I think I've found my calling. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. writing that thing, that to be honest, I don't think I even cared how the actual event went! Well...ok....I cared a little! Any good hostess cares if her guests are having fun!
But, since most of my guests were Hooah army guys...I felt like the only people that really matter were the girls, and I think they had fun! :-)

So, to give you a taste for the evening these where my characters:
Gloria the Opera singer, Rocky the body guard ( Gloria's), Trevor the Cruise Trainer, Larry the Lifeguard, Sally the Cruise Director ( this was me...), Robin the Ex-Beauty Queen, Winston the Oklahoma Oil Giant ( married to Robin), Robert Picknees the Ex-Con/Businessman, Tony the Ex-NYC Cop, Tom and Dom the Siamese Twins

The deceased Poppy Pemberton was killed in her room, strangled with one of her diamond necklaces....whoooo did it!?!

I won't give you all the details of the players-but they were all fun to write, everyone had a funny quirk of some kind, and they all had clues to who the murderer was...I tried to write it so that there were at least three people that seemed guilty.


Rachael said...

Sounds like you could make some money off of this...sell them on etsy for people who want to throw their own mystery dinner parties. :) Sounds like you had tons of fun! Michael and I always wanted to have a party like this (he would have written it I think). Never have though...maybe one day! Oh and who was Brett?

Tabitha said...

You did always say you could write an murder mystery game. I'm sorry I missed it.