April 06, 2011

An post a day keeps the doctor away..

I think I must be getting Ransom's cold. I suppose on one hand I'm grateful that I'm just now getting it-I dont think I could have done those several nights of hardly any sleep with a cold. But, now he's doing better at night and he seems to be feeling better.

In other news we're having a "bring your own meat" BBQ for anybody and everybody that goes to any of the Nav bible studies on post-at our house on Friday night. And then I'm throwing a baby shower on Saturday. General consensus is to wait and clean my house on Saturday morning rather than risk it being messed up on Friday night-even though most people will be staying outside. However, I HATE waiting till the last minute to do things before parties. *sigh*
I guess this is what happens when your house gets double booked.

I just drank my last diet coke. 

I've already started dinner for tonight, (its in the crock pot) but really I just want pizza. *sigh*

Incidentally,  one of my favorite times of the day is getting Ransom up in the morning, he's so cute and snuggly and all in all fun to be with. I never thought I'd like something that generally happens WAAAAY too early, but there you go...he's jut so cute: 

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