April 04, 2011

Against the Status Quo

Last night, Ransom woke up every hour starting at 11:00pm, 12:23am, 1:50am, 2:48am, 3:56am...all the way until 8am. And it wasn't just a drop of the pacifier, it was full on wailing that required extensive consoling.
Honestly, we haven't had this bad of a night since....I don't know when. But, when you've got an unconsolable child in your arms, and your delirious with sleep-that's when the tears come ( on my part, not his...I mean, he's ALREADY crying). And let me tell you, there is little that can be of comfort to a Mommy at that point.

But, it did help me to pray last night-so I got some good prayer time in for the guy who's living with us-facing various life changes and questions at the moment. For all the new mommies I know-believe me, nothing like my own sleepless night to remember LOUD (literally) AND CLEAR how rough those first three months can be....Of course, I cannot speak upon the quality of the prayers, but the Spirit intercedes for us so I know He understood.

As for today, I'm honestly still not sure what's wrong with Ransom-its either a weird cold or his teething this go around is more painful that he's experienced till now. BOTH top teeth are coming in-which I suppose means his vampire days are numbered. I just hope that's all that is going on with the little one...I would like my full nights sleeps back as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Mamma needs her beauty rest, for reals.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed with Zuzu that the hardest all-nighters weren't when she was a newborn and staying up all night, every night. I think God gives women special hormones to deal with that kind of sleep deprivation. The random awake-for-no-apparent-reason night after a month or two of sleeping 12 hours just put me under for days. Hope you get some rest today!