April 11, 2011

Some times Mondays can be SO cliché

Today our air conditioner broke, and I don't have to tell you-since I live in the South and its mid-April that this is TRAGIC. 
So, Ransom is currently slumming it in a diaper and t-shirt. And I've got fans going all over the house. 

And just to make this a really SPECTACULAR Monday, I also had a dentist appointment. 

But, just so I'm not JUST complaining on this post-my dear friend Rolinda watched Ransom for me while I was at my appointment. And I scored a window air-conditioner unit from the repairman ( who could do nothing for us) while we wait on the REAL repairman to show up. Which means that tonight we can all camp out in our bedroom if worse comes to worse. 

And I made a rather freeing decision to NOT make dinner tonight. We're having pizza and I'm way excited about it. 

Chillin' in front of the fan....


Anonymous said...

HAhahaha! I love it. Sounds like your monday went about the way of mine! lol. Hope your a/c gets fixed quickly. It certainly does stink being down here without it.

Rachael said...

I'm sorry you don't have air, we have not needed it yet (and probably won't for a month up here). However I remember many days in Fort Worth where Esther would wander around the house in just a diaper! In fact I'm pretty sure in the summer she only got dressed when we actually left, and that was with air so I feel bad for you! :) Makes for less laundry though! Here's to your air getting fixed soon!