April 19, 2011

My ring tone for her is the Friend's theme song

Today is my sister's birthday. She's....twenty two. Just kidding. But seriously. She pretty much hasn't aged since she was ten so she might as well be.

My sister and I had a complicated relationship right on up until it became really UNcomplicated, and then proceeded to be one of the safest, most fun, beneficial friendships that I have. My sister is seriously my best friend and THANK GOODNESS we have the same phone provider or I'd be spending some SERIOUS dough on phone minutes.

No one else understands my views on cake, really good hotel rooms, incredibly nice handbags, cute shoes, good sales people, responses to annoyingly friendly people in grocery stores, bad reality TV, Gilmore girls, Friends, The O.C., gossip magazines like "us" weekly, thank you cards sent in a timely fashion, proper party throwing, the rules of showers, how crazy/awesome The Parents are, the need for summer vacations, frozen yogurt, pregnancy, and child rearing quite like my sister.

Notice how cake was first on that list.

That's embarrassing...but I'll make the excuse that its because its her birthday and therefore cake was on my mind. But really we all know better.

I know, bad picture, right? But I think it captures our relationship nicely...

Happy Birthday, Sister-Friend.

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Aunt Donnave said...

I love you and your Sister-Friend so much. It's wonderful that you have that perfect relationship. What God hath joined together...and, you realize He did just that!