May 17, 2011

Mommy Blogging.

The "Mom Blog" is a big deal these days.  Particularly successful Mommy Bloggers make the Times most influential people lists, make forbes lists of successful people, and products and companies are lined up to get on board to have the All Powerful Mom Blogger's endorse their products...they are a formidable bunch.

And, I suppose, if I'm honest I too am a "Mommy Blogger". I am, afterall a "Mom" and a "Blogger"...and I cannot help but let that aspect of my life infiltrate just about every aspect of this blog. Along the way I've picked up new readers who read my blog because I'm a mom, but there are some of you out there who have continued reading despite the fact that I'm a Mom. HAHAH!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about the blogs that I read and why I find them enjoyable and I'd like to share an example with you today...this blog, to me, is the perfect example of what I think a Mom Blog should be.

I must go ahead and give a shout out to my friend Esther for introducing me to this blog, and I should note that Esther is single and has no children, so I'd go ahead and conclude that this is also why I love this blog. It is not OVERTLY forceful about parenthood...instead its more about life choices and a way of life.
The blog is called "Enjoying the Small Things" and I believe it helps me do just that.
Kelle Hampton is a photographer, writer and mother and her blog is primarily pictures of her beautiful two daughters, one of whom was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at birth. Kelle's blog posts are full of sun shine and impromptu popsicles and dates with sidewalk chalk. While a lot of it seems idealized, its also a blog of yet to be unpacked suit cases by the front door and a million barbie shoes ingrained into carpet, its about struggling with keeping balance between work and home, about dealing with the every day of having a special needs child. This blog simultaneously  inspires me to do better enjoying the small things, but also to not sweat the small stuff. I without fail feel a sense of delight after reading this blog.
OH. AND ANOTHER THING. Unlike other Mommy Bloggers...where product endorsements and giveaways are King ( or Queen in this case), I love that Kelle does not devote whole blog posts to touting and sucking up to some latest sponsor, instead she just adds an extra paragraph at the end of her posts saying how happy she is to introduce a new sponsor-she then shares a little about the company and then leaves her readers with the option of entering a giveaway if one is offered. AND unlike some blogs where you must literally sell your online life away by following on Twitter, facebook, Blog Reader, plus have all your friends and family do the same just to enter one small contest, instead she just has you comment answering some delightful question like, "what is your favorite childhood vacation?"

Anyways, I do not know Kelle and I will probably never meet her, but her blog makes me happy and in a world where blogs seem to be constantly "selling" something whether is actual products or just the writer themselves, its a pleasure to read a blog that is focused on things of seemingly little importance-like wiggling your toes in sand, or the first crop of strawberries of the season....Love it.
GO READ THIS BLOG....You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

She has a daughter named Lainey. I like her already.

Jillian said...

That's one of my favorite blogs to read! She inspires me also!