May 17, 2011

one-two-three jogging strollers

I have three jogging strollers in my garage. And I'm a "mild jogger" at best. So how did this irony occur?!
Well, I'm pretty sure I told you about how I acquired my first jogging stroller at a consignment sale at the end of last year. I got it for 35 dollars or something ( I can't remember now, exactly...but it was insanely cheap) and I was SOOOO excited about it....

Until I tried it out.

Something was seriously up with the front tire that made it ride ever so slowly to the right. So, sure you'd start out in a straight line and within a few short minutes you would be off in some ditch somewhere wondering what had happened. It made even walking a pain. And so it sat in my garage for MONTHS. Months and months and months. Until finally I was really annoyed with the fact that I had a unusable jogging stroller in my garage collecting dust and worse....spider webs ( ewww!) while I was stuck pushing my giant travel system stroller around when I wanted to exercise. But then I saw my opportunity. MOTHER'S DAY! Time for me to cash in!!!
So I told Brett that ALLLLL I wanted for mother's day was for him to FINALLY fix my jogging stroller.

And so, Brett tried and one of his buddies tried and it was decided that it was not fixable. I was sad, but I rallied because the weekend of Mother's Day was the Post Wide Garage Sale, where everyone puts there stuff out on the front lawn and sales it for cheap. And by stuff I mean BABY STUFF...( oh, and camping gear...) Baby stuff and camping gear that's what you will get if you go to an army garage sale. Anyways, so I was too lazy to go out in search of a new jogging stroller ( hey, its EARLY and I like my Saturday morning pajama time) but lucky for me, we have a guy living with us who  likes to garage sale ( If he ever has a dating profile I recommend him using that as his opening line. He'll land a TON of girls that way! haha) and so he picked me up a new jogging stroller even prettier and newer looking than the last one, he even promised me that it went straight when he pushed it...all for the low low price of $15.

I was excited and on Mother's Day Morn I went out and test rode my newest jogging stroller....and low and behold it pulled LEFT.

I was bummed. way way bummed.

And so, in the end I had to give up my dream of getting a jogging stroller second hand and for cheap. It turns out that, especially those who do not have a swivel front wheel, tend to get unaligned pretty fast. I'm sure those much handier than us can fix such problems...but it is not in the cards for the Wilson Family.

Thus the fancy fancy $100 stroller that I love, love, has a front wheel that both swivels and locks in place for the walking and the has a comfy comfy seat for Ransom, it has cup holders for me...and it has a really crazy I'm-embarrassed-that-we-have-such-crazy-luxuries speaker for your MP3 player, in the inside for Ransom to listen to tunes or books on tape while I push him:

And so, BE CAREFUL...I will more than likely be selling TWO jogging strollers at the next Baby Consignment sale...and when I do, I will put a note on them that only the very handy should purchase. 


Kristin said...

I've been searching and searching for the best jogging stroller... would you mind sharing what kind you ended up loving?? Thank you!!!

Abigail... said...

Of course, Kristen! This is the link to my jogging stroller.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your comment about your live-in. That is really random and really awesome :) i like garage-saleing (sp?) but HATE getting up early. glad you've got one you can use :D