June 06, 2011

It's that time again!!

Hayden right before he left, holding an unimpressed Ransom. 

So, friends...if you don't remember about 9 and a half months ago Brett went through Ranger School with flying colors. God's grace seriously covered us both from head to foot and we saw time and time again how He could provide for us both ( me going through the special "ranger school" called the first three months of our son's life, Brett going through the real thing...). The prayers of the Saints were felt every single day and I think for both Brett and I the awfulness of it all has faded just a little and now we mostly just remember all the good stuff ( as in all those answered prayers! haha!) 

Anyway, lucky for me I'm currently being reminded just a little bit of the awfulness since yesterday we sent off our "son" Hayden to try his hand at Ranger School. As a girl, someone not in the military, or even a guy in the military who's not in the infantry-its hard to even understand what the heck is so important and/or special about Ranger School...but after watching the Surviving the Cut Special and living at Fort Benning where Ranger School starts and ends, I have not seen the little emaciated bodies and the tears first hand. Its rough people. Its rough. And its a big ol' deal. 

And so yesterday we sent Hayden off. Hayden who was only suppose to live with us for maybe two or three months and who has been with us for six. Because of various setbacks and injuries Hayden got to stay with us longer than expected. And I say "got to" but really I can only imagine what its like to live with a "old married couple" and their infant son while having lots of days where he didn't have anything to do ( not having a specific "job" can be rough on a guy) once he'd gone to his formations and done his PT. Frustrating at best. And yet we really saw Hayden grow a lot in the past six months, his love for people, though I think it was already there- its definitely become more refined and focused.  Anyway, as I think about this guy who went through a ton of books from our library, watched West Wing with us, played with Ransom, tried to teach him how to say "Hayden" and prayed that he would "really" crawl ( not just Ransom's current version) before he left for Ranger School...cleaned my house for me when I went out of town, hung curtains, installed carseats and put together strollers, put up with me making fun of his puppy love for Mulan ( from the Disney movie) and his inability to get in the babygate when we first installed it, who helped us with countless ministry events and bible studies, let us have 5am Prayer meetings in his room every week ( so as not to wake Ransom down stairs), and as it got hotter here in Georgia, put up with living in an increasingly hot room ( Hayden lives in the attic with a window unit and two fans)...when I think of all of that I am personally grateful for the time we had with Hayden-he has been an encouragement to both Brett and I , and I am now praying hard for him to get through Ranger School. Not just for himself, but may those who pray for him be encouraged by the Lord's faithfulness once again. 
We never want to be so proud as to forget Who is the one who guides our steps, gives us successes, walks us through set backs.  As someone who never has to go through it myself, but instead has to deal with that awful feeling of not being able to DO anything, but instead nervously wait for updates-I am actually grateful for these Ranger School Tests...these times in life which are so clearly out of our hands when all we can do is pray! Ranger School is my pride-o-meter. 
Incidentally, you can also be praying for my friend Amy's husband Luke who also started Ranger School this weekend...

If you'd like to be part of Hayden's cheer team, feel free to write him a letter....his address for the next month is: 

2LT Matthew Meredith
4th Ranger Training Battalion
ATTN: 4-11
10850 Schneider Road
Fort Benning, GA 31905

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Anonymous said...

LOL! you may as well call him your "son" because you're almost as bad as a real mother revealing embarrassing things, like mulan??? i'm still chuckling. has he read this post? surely he'd be mortified :)
- adelaide