June 07, 2011

Er really?

So, ummm....the whole "emergency room" business is really annoying. I mean, honestly, do they EVER help anyone in a timely fashion?! I mean, once I waited, writhing in pain, for several hours with a kidney stone before they finally gave me meds.
And then last night we took Ransom to the ER with a 104 fever and we literally sat for two hours, during which time Brett went back home to get his medicine so we could keep trying to get the fever down. After 3 hours it was down to around 102.6 and so we went home at 2am without having seen an actual doctor.....awesome.


This is why you best have a gun shot wound to the chest otherwise DO NOT GO to the emergency room. EVER.

Incidentally, did you know that teething does not just cause "low grade fevers" as it is always said, but instead it also causes really high fevers too....weird. At least that's what we're assuming is wrong with the little man.

Of course, Ransom was a totally charmer any time we came in contact with staff....even when they were taking his temperature the *ahem* most affective way-he was till a total angel. In fact when we left, there it was two am in the morning, he still had a relatively high fever and there he was waving at the nurses as we left. Classic.  He's such a sweet baby.


Melissa said...

I would've been crying from frustration! When I last went to the ER and waited 8 hours (while miscarrying), I decided that if Jesus came in our modern-day times, he would surely spend his time in the ER talking to folks.

All that to say, yes, the ER sucks.

Esther said...

Oh my. I feel sort of guilty for my only ever ER experience. I was twelve, I'd just been in a somewhat bad bicycle accident, but really not bad at all (turned out to just be a bunch of abrasions). They took me back to see the doctor immediately.
Their reasoning?
I looked so terrible that I would scare the other patients.
Really? There were probably a lot of other people in way worse shape than me who had to wait because I looked scary . . .

Anonymous said...

i always forget how high 104 or even 102 is for people. 102 is high norm for pets and 104 wouldn't make me flinch. then i remember that normal people temp is around 99... good thing i'm not the one with the baby...