June 29, 2011

life lesson

On our way back from our vacation my sister and I switched car toys so that our kids would have something new to entertain them on our respective journeys home ( mine was waaaay shorter than hers...poor things). I can't speak for her, but I basically went to the dollar store and bought really random things for Ransom to play with in the car. They also have some fun board books and little handheld fans that light up, and really badly made puppets. So you should hit up your Dollar Tree the next time you go on a vacay with a 1 year old. Annnnnyway, I don't know WHERE Anna got this book, but its called "Nature" and its made by the Chicken Soup for the Soul people ( random.) and each page has a very off the wall saying on it that may or may not have something to do with the picture on said page. Its all a bit weird, but this page is most DEFINITELY my favorite. It says so much, without saying much at all. And I feel like, if my child was just a bit older we could talk about what's ABOUT to happen in this picture...because I personally think its Obvious. 


Anonymous said...

Poor giraffe! Look at the expression on his face.

Yo Mama

Mirka Hokkanen said...

lol, I think the giraffe is feeling bad, because he looks a little bloated. The lions are sitting way too close when he passes gas.