July 11, 2011


Today I was told that I "looked like an Abigail"...this caused me to dwell way too long on what an Abigail looks like exactly. I mean I am all about people looking like their name and all, but when a SALES PERSON starts to make a comment...anyway, I suppose its good for identity theft if you look more like the name on your card. Speaking of which I lost my debt card on Monday. Luckily there have been no "odd" charges so I've just reported it missing and hoped for the best. oops. 

Ransom is back to taking really short naps. I guess the weekend of 2 hour naps is over. Luckily he's still been in a relatively good mood. He is currently really into "reading"... he will seriously sit on the floor pulling books out of his book basket one at a time, turning the pages, turning the book all different ways, and then on to the next book...he'll do it for a good twenty minutes and will often do it several times during the day. I love that our child is already bookish. I just hope it sticks! 


Melissa said...

Don't you just love it when a simple comment ties your brain in knots? I had a gate guard tell me "more water, less soda" the other day and I'm pretty sure I dwelt on that for hours.

Love the Ransom photo! Imagine all he is absorbing :)

Miranda said...

I LOVE that he is reading for such long periods. I can't imagine it won't stick with two parents who are already bookish. :)