July 31, 2011

Don't worry! I'm back!

We've been on Vacay on Texas for the past week...but I'm back and doing laundry like a made woman. 

Can someone solve the age old problem of not having ANY food to eat when you get back from a trip?! I mean, you work so hard to eat it all ( so it won't spoil while you're gone) before you leave and then you're faced with cupboards that are bare when you return. 

Anyway...I'm starving. 

OK, once I've filled the fridge and made sure we have clothes to put on our backs again, I promise blogging will begin again...

Until then, check out Ransom at his "trial run" birthday that we did in Texas....who takes after his Mom's love for cupcakes?!?! WHO!? 


Katie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. We "had" to eat breakfast and lunch (and who am I kidding, most likely dinner) because all we have are some condiments and cherry tomatoes picked from our garden. Unpacking seems to be all the energy I have today. LOVE the pic of Ransom- green icing was definitely a good call :).

Anonymous said...

He is the happiest mess i've seen! :D My cure for the food issue is to have a freezable meal in the freezer to pull out when i get back. and maybe an unopened yogurt so that i can pull that out and eat it right away.


Judy said...

Hey everyone - consider using an online grocery service! When I visit family in Texas, I order my groceries through Safeway.com the day before I head home. Then they arrive the day I get home or the next day depending on if I'm flying home on the red-eye. I actually use the online service all the time and have for about 3 years now. The cost ranges from $6.95-$12.95 for delivery - and I've never paid the higher price. And I don't pick up all those extras at the grocery store I don't need. Sure, there are a few things that I may have to stop in for about once a month or so - but it's great!! They bring them right into the kitchen for me!