July 20, 2011

a goodbye

Yesterday I got to go to the Deployment ceremony for my friend Adelaide's veterinary team which is headed to Afghanistan this weekend. 

I'm seriously going to miss Adelaide,  she's been such a fun and bright part of our life here at Fort Benning. We usually hung out on Thursdays when she'd get off work and come over until Bible Study.  Adelaide was a fellow Texas and all around kindred spirit and I am SO BUMMED she's leaving! But I am looking for my silver lining in the form of the fact we'll still be here at Fort Benning when she gets back and I hear that RE-deployment ceremonies are EVEN BETTER...and I hear those have cake too! But seriously...sometimes the Army makes me sad and saying goodbye to a friend for a while is definitely at the top of the list! Keep Adelaide in your prayers I know she'll appreciate them!

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