July 18, 2011

The Un-to-do list

We visit the petri dish gym TWICE and Ransom gets an intense cold?? Coincidence?!? I THINK NOT!!!!  haha.
So anyway, Ransom is a cranky ball of mucus... A ball that finds it's only happy resting place is ON TOP OF ME.
Side note: Expectant Moms listen up! People will tell you to get a comfy chair for your nursery...LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE! In fact, I would go so far as to say get a chair you not only don't mind sitting on, ,but one you don't mind SLEEPING on. Last night I spent a grand total of 5 hours "sleeping" in my chair, and I'm currently going on an hour and a half ( nap time)... And yes, I could risk moving him to his bed, which is what I did the first half of the night...but when his head isn't elevated ( like it is on my chest) than he only sleeps about 20 min. Straight....aaaaaanyway, here we are. Here we are NOT working on the massive todo list that I must complete before we go out of town on Saturday.
Did I tell you? The Texas Swap begins! Because of Army Weirdness ( what's new there?) we are going to Texas for a week ( yay!!), then exactly a week after we get back, my parents are coming here for almost a week...and then on the same day they drive home, I'll be FLYING back to Texas ( I wonder who will get there first?)for a quick "day" trip for a friends wedding... Probably not the most efficient way to spent several weeks... But definitely optimizes the fun.
In the midst of all of that, Brett and I will get TWO WHOLE NIGHTS away while we're in Texas thanks to our wonderful family. Hopefully Hayden will graduate Ranger School, our dear friends Wes and Tina Wood will be visiting for Washington, Ransom will celebrate his first year of life ( hopefully with a party if I can get my act together.), and Brett and Ransom will survive their first weekend without me. ( hopefully. Haha! Just kidding... They will be fine.)....so yes, there is plenty for me to do. All of which I am not doing. Ahhhh...parenthood, how you have taught me how very UNimportant having a perfectly clean house really is. *sigh*

While I was writing this post...

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