July 14, 2011

Putting out fires

So, I can be kind of a "clingy" mom sometimes. This probably stems from those dramatic months when Ransom would just LOOK at the outside world and burst into tears.
My child is dramatic. He didn't get it from me. ( hahahaha!)
Anyway, since he tends to be standoffish and slow to warm up, so do I...and that's no good for anyone. And so, the last few months as Ransom has grown into himself more, and I've noticed how he does seem to enjoy, or at least put up with, other children and large groups of people more- I felt like we needed to make some steps towards him getting use to "group play times". I mean, heck, my sister is putting her one-year-old in SCHOOL this year!!! And sure, her child BLOSSOMS in social settings, but surely I need to make at least some efforts in that direction?!?
And so I started pumping myself for our first challenge.
The gym's childcare.
It would just be for an hour, I'd get a good workout in ( something that is becoming less and less likely when I'm walking outside in the sweltering heat of summer) and Ransom would get a little "outside" stimulation.
So I decided we'd try for Tuesday, but Monday night happened-we both had horrible sleeps-and I put it off until today.....and then today came.
Ransom slept a WHOLE EXTRA HOUR.
I was rested, he was rested. It seemed as though the STARS HAD ALIGNED and we were going to have our first wonderful gym experience.
So we went, we walked down the winding halls of the gym to the childcare room, we got Ransom all signed in, I dropped him off and I did my best to not think about him as I powered through my workout, jamming to the Blackeyedpeas pandora station....and then, through the sound of Rihanna telling me to "dont stop the music" I heard the blaring, unmistakeable sound of a fire alarm.
At first I thought it was a mistake, but then it continued and I saw gym workers in yellow shirts shooing people out the doors...and that's when I started to walk quickly towards the childcare room...
And finally I reached the childcare room, right behind a bunch of other mothers-heck, if that building had really been on fire, for get about it, we still would have headed for our kids...
Anyway, we got there and no one was there...they had already evacuated the kids ( good thing?)  and so I headed outside into the face of a crazed childcare worker running around counting kids, and the sound of screaming children and crying babies. You would have thought a natural disaster had hit.
And there he was. Crammed into an "evacuation crib" ( seriously that was written on the side) with five other babies, sobbing his eyes out.
I. could. not. get. to. him. fast. enough.
And it took him a good five minutes to calm down, and even once we'd waited to get back into the building and I had signed him back out and collected his bag, he would still let out a little whimper/shutter every so often. Poor, sensitive baby.

 THAT was our first attempt at going to the gym together.

So, of course, I had to laugh and call my sister on the way home because if you can't find the extreme irony in THAT situation then you're just dense...and, of course, we'll be going back to the gym next week to "face our fears"  in the hopes that this will not end up being something that Ransom remembers in therapy years from now.


Tabitha said...

I now think I know why I can help with kids at church: they're not mine. They're upset that their mother wanted to actually go to church and I want them to be happy, but I can handle waiting it out for a little while to see if they'll settle in.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I would be so scared if that was my baby. I couldn't imagine the heartbreak of seeing him crying his eyes out. It makes me kinda nervous about signing up for CYS and trying to go to the gym myself. But then again, what's the worse that could happen after that debacle?

Amy Bushatz said...

This would happen to you. Dave has been hanging out there three to four times a week since october and NEVER has this happened ... but on your first day? Yup!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, how hormonal am I...I just teared up picturing him in that crib with all the babies crying!! And then I was laughing and crying at the same time picturing it...oh man. What.a.day.