September 06, 2011

A diet coke ( and a giveaway)

I drank some diet coke yesterday. the pure kind. the kind with caffeine in it. Thus I was awake a LOT longer than I should have been last night...when will I learn?!
Anyway, here are some thoughts I had:

Firstly, I came across a craft that I really really want to do, but I'm scared because we all know my artistic abilities run rather short...You can read all about it here, but basically the idea is taking one of these ugly kid play mats:

And painting it to look like this:

So, yeah...probably not something I'm capable of pulling off so that it'd look good...but BOY would I like one of these for my kitchen!!

Secondly, I am SO READY FOR FALL! It is my favorite favorite time of year and I'm pretty much dying for sweaters and scarves, hot drinks ( without caffeine, obviously), spiced candles, soup, cute boots....the list goes on. Anyway, this made me think about how I needed to pull out my "fall" nail polishes ( the darker colors just seem to scream fall) and it reminded me that I haven't done a give away in a while. And this one...well...its super girlie....but we could argue that they have ALL been super girlie thus far so why mess with a good thing?!

Ok, so this month I'm giving away something that NEVER FAILS to make me super happy. Its my GO TO winter nail polish....and I think its best on toes, though it might be way fun for a holiday party nail go with your heart on this one!
Here it is:

Yeah, its called RUBY PUMPS!! How could I NOT love it?!?! 
So here's the dealio...feel free to enter to win by commenting with your favorite thing about Fall...and I'll announce the winner next Monday! YAY!! I so love sharing my favorite things with my wonderful readers! 


Anonymous said...

You can totally paint one of those things. Especially if you go with something like the zebra stripes. Just use painter's tape to mark off the sections and you'll end up with straight lines :)
Favorite thing about fall is cooler weather! but I can't really complain about the weather here. The near 0 humidity is wonderful!

Anna M. said...

My favorite thing is the crispness of the air and sky. Everything looks brighter after the heat of summer. Are those your fingers?

Esther said...

There was even a nip in the air here this morning. Fall is definitely on it's way. YAY!
My favorite thing is definitely comfy cozy sweaters (I have a new mustard yellow one that I'm dying to wear 24/7 when it gets cold enough).

PS. I really miss you! Kiss Ransom for me (if he'll sit still long enough).

Melissa said...

My favorite thing about fall is college football! Saturdays are so much fun around the grill and tv (or stadium) and it's a good excuse to be hospitable every weekend.

P.S. Perfect timing on this post... 60s and 70s temps today! :)

Angela said...

Pajama pants, glowing pumpkins, and leaves are my favorite things about fall. Oh, and "fall movies".

Tabitha said...

Just project the picture you want on the mat, trace it then colour. Totally possible. :) As for Fall, I love the colours of clothes. Wow I sound shallow. Ummm... the air, crunchy leaves, christmas plans, things getting busy at work, pie, not feeling like I'm going to melt.

katie said...

I love the weather feeling perfect, bowls of soup, and hot chocolate. mmmmmm

Miranda said...

Oooh, I don't know if I can choose - hot drinks, colors of the leaves, the nip in the air, the smells of cinnamon/pumpkin/harvest, definitely sweaters...pretty much everything :)

Stacey said...

CUTE polish!

My favorite thing about fall.... Apple Crisps!

(is that weird that it's food?)

Anonymous said...

Fall is MY favorite time of the year, too! It's the cool weather and sweaters for college football games. The smell of soup on the stove, the promise of Thanksgiving and family time, the rush toward Christmas and the promise associated with His birth. It just ushers in a time of settling in and enjoying your time...nesting. Love it all!
(This year the hope of a visit to see y'all!)
Aunt Donnave

{emily elizabeth} said...

My favorite thing about the fall is the beauty it brings...and how every part of the USA is different....but the same...oh...and when it rains and make the trunks of trees look really dark so that their leaves look like they are on fire

p.s. red nail polish ALWAYS makes me think of you...ALWAYS


tiffany said...

ok my favorite thing about fall is all the new school supplies in the store... all the pretty crayons, markers, notebooks, folders. i also love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils!

i also just organized our closet, including all of my husband's clothes, and it made me feel so much better!

Rachael said...

My favorite thing about fall is the cute clothes. One of the bummers about living in Brazil is that we don't get to wear hats, scarves, and cardigans. But I'd rather be warm all the time than cold.