September 02, 2011

New territory ( that looks rather old)

Brett's taken command! Exciting!
Yesterday his ceremony and the reception afterwards ( that was only a success because I have awesome friends)  went well...and then we had an Army function that night ( 'no rest for the weary' is my new catch phrase)  also went well...though I was COMPLETELY shattered by the time we got home at 10pm. Seriously, I was not cut out for all this shmoosing. Anyway... I was way looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend, even though today was technically the only day Brett and I would get to spend together since we're headed to the Navigator conference in north Georgia tomorrow. The conference that last year I cried at...( yaaay).

Annnnyway, of course, first day on the job Brett had to go into the office to deal with an unruly soldier. So there goes our day together.

And here's what I'm fighting against. I'm so annoyed. so disappointed. How do I not have a bad attitude?!?
Honestly. I'm about to have to be more like Jesus if it kills me.

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the emsta said...

I have that same feeling...the one where you are like, "how can I feel anything OTHER than mad, disappointed, frustrated, etc."

we are human...we have these feel them...just don't let them rule you...I have much trouble with acknowledge them...and then go play with Ransom :)