October 18, 2011

No time for the internet?!?!

Seriously. That's how life has been lately. But it's time for a genuine catch up so here goes:
 Ransom's been wanting to walk all over the house. Which he could TOTALLY do without me, but its SO MUCH BETTER ( according to a recent poll of one) if he's holding on to my index finger....so that takes up time.

And then there's hosting various visitors and guests in our home. ( our friend Christoph just left this morning. I hadn't seen him in ten years and Brett hadn't seen him in seven, but he's one of those totally awesome people that you can be comfortable around IMMEDIATELY. We loved having him in our home, I just hope he enjoys watching a one year old exclaim about cars driving by...because that's about the height of excitement around here....)
Brett's working at least 15 hours a day and some during the weekend for good measure. You just don't notice all that your husband does for you until he's not around ;-)....but when we DO get to see him luckily our time is filled up doing Army related activities. Examples: Last week we went and saw a play that Brett had to attend, and on Saturday we all went to the teeny tiny town of Lumpkin and enjoyed there Street Fair. I will say, on the Street Fair note, I'm almost glad  we were "invited" to go, since I would have NEVER gone otherwise...and I would have then missed out on the 4 piece marching band.

And speaking of....  I'm getting a ROOT CANAL. Which is AWESOME.  I literally have ONE cavity in my WHOLE HEAD and it turns out to need a root canal?!?! Doesn't that seem fishy?!?  So yes.

I know, I know, this post paints a dreary picture, but its really not- Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year and I refuse to have it ruined. Next week Ransom and I are headed to Texas for a week ( wooo!) and I'm currently digging an AMAZING Bible Study series that we're doing with some friends of ours...its called Experiencing God ( please ignore the scary looking Moses on the cover) and I have literally had all sorts of misconceptions about God ( and myself) blown out of the water almost daily. It's THAT amazing. I've also been making some rockin' recipes lately that I plan to share with you all in a few posts so staaaaay tuned!

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Rachael said...

Hey I just found that Bible study in the book room here...was thinking of doing that one next with the high school ladies and now am really considering it since you've mentioned it. I'm glad to see a life post from you. I like reading about your life and family. Have a great trip to Texas! Miss you!