November 18, 2011

Advent Week #1

Gen. 3:8-19, Gen 22:15-18

As far as this study goes ( if you're inclined to look ahead at the coming weeks readings), this week has by far the "hardest" passage.  And it may even seem odd that we'd read about the "fall of man" during the Christmas season, a time of Joy and Hope.

But, really, as with any gift, the gift is much better when you know how much went into it-time, thought, money....these are things we often subconsciously calculate when valuing a gift we receive. And of course, the BEST gifts are the ones you really want ( or if you're dramatic like me...need.)....

And if there was every a gift that we needed more than anything-it would be Jesus. The Son of God.
In reading Genesis 3, especially the first part ( I took a running start at our reading for the study), is such a grim reminder of what a scummy person I really am...even on my best days. I am JUST like Adam and Eve ( pointing the finger, making excuses etc. etc.) and just like Adam and Eve, I'm sinful. Very very sinful.

And yet, how glorious is verse 15?!?
When right there as God's talking to the Devil he talks about His Son for the first time....

"You and this woman will hate each other; your descendants and hers will always be enemies. One of hers ( JESUS!!!!!) will strike you on the head, and you shall bruise his heal." 

Right here at the very BEGINNING of the Bible, God is really ready with a way to send freedom and victory to mankind. Beautiful. Awe-inspiring.

Which brings me to the second passage for this week, a little change of gears but always a great piece of our Christmas "Heritage"....

I always love looking at these Promises that God makes to Abraham and after him Isaac, and Israel, and even David later on....with each, God talks about their Family, their they will be more "numerous than the sands of the seashore" and how their "descendants ( JESUS!!!) will be a blessing to the whole world!! I always get goosebumps when I think about how this is quite literally talking about all of us! How because of His sacrifice on the Cross, we are now part of this Family.
What a family, a family that may not be connected by blood, but instead by Heart.

This holiday season I thank God for my "extended" family...the ones connected by Blood...but not family blood, but instead the Blood that Christ spilled for us all.  (oooops! Look at me! I switched and went all Easter on this Christmas post!! Gah! I can't help it!). I have such an amazing family-and even though Brett and I and now Ransom too are all over the place, I know we are never alone. I am grateful for my family.


Melissa said...

Uh... I definitely deserve a "Most Improved" badge for posting on time, for once! :)

Thoughts: I kinda went sideways on the second passage, reverting to the preceding verses in chapter 22, but I am going to meditate more on the whole "promises" and "descendants" thing.

Lindsay O'Connor said...
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Lindsay O'Connor said...

Here's my response. Sorry so late!

Esther said...

Sorry it's so late, but here are my thoughts :)