November 05, 2011

Headed home

So, I've been pretty MIA this week because my brain has been on vacation since last fact, the brain went on vacay a bit TOO early, since I was one minute late for check in and was told that we could not check any bags.
I literally stuffed Ransom's Pjs and a few diapers and our tooth brushes into my purse and had to give my suitcase to my friend Miranda to take home....a ten day trip with only the clothes on our backs....awwwwwwweeeeeessssssooooooome!
But as irony would have it, while I couldn't be ONE MINUTE LATE for check plane could be 45 minutes late without any repercussions. However, the silver lining was Miranda miraculously did not go straight home,but went just down the street to Birlington Coat Factory. So she was able to quickly buy a Carryon bag,stuff as much of our clothes into the bag and bring it to me at security. Whew! Crisis semi-averted.

BUT THEN I went and left my iPad on the plane in Dallas. So yeah. That was also a no-brain moment. ( after a tearful night, a million calls to the airport lost and found and a drive BACK to the airport, I did get it back. Praise God.)

So, that's how I started the trip. So needless to say, I'm a bit nervous about Ransom and my return trip tomorrow.
Though I will say, with a time change and a time zone change I honestly have NO IDEA when we're getting home. Hahaha

The rest of our trip to Texas was a total 180 from the beginning ( minus the stomach bug that Ransom and I both got...on the same night...awful) and we had a grand time with family! We loved every minute. I was gratified to notice that Ransom seemed to recognize all his Nacogoches "haunts" immediately and didn't need any time to get use to his bed in the closet again. ( I will be so sad when Ransom outgrows sleeping in a walk in closet on's SO handy). Which makes me even more excited about Christmas when we can spend even more time with both sides of the family and most importantly Brett will be with us too! I love the thought that Ransom is going to have such great memories of time in Nacogdoches...the place where all the people who spoil him live.

But, at least for now, we must return to real life. A root canal calls my name on Tuesday. And Ransom needs to realize that he can walk just as well at home as it can in Texas. We get to look forward to Daddy coming home from the field and hopefully get some time together. a thanksgiving celebration to plan. And, of course, I've got a finale Philippians Post to write and hopefully some much needed hang outs with my darling friends that I've missed while being gone!! real life isn't all THAT bad
See you when I get back :-)

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Miranda said...

The trip will be great on the way home - I just know it. :) No matter what, I absolutely cannot WAIT to see you!