November 07, 2011

Philippians Bloggin Bible Study- In Review

So, I've been thinking about how I'd classify this Philippians Bloggin' Bible Study...and I'd have to say "refreshing" and "laid back" would be at the top of my list.
Refreshing because its been good to have the accountability and the consistency of really digging deep into the Word and ask questions, not just reading it because "I should" or its a "good idea" but because its meant to deeply impact my life and its one of the ways in which God speaks to really why wouldn't I be doing this  more?!?

And laid back because I've been down right delighted that people do not find the "Fridays" deadline as a restriction for doing the studies...eventually. hehe!! I've SO loved going back and seeing people slowly trickle in as they find the time to read and study a chapter and share their thoughts! I think all told about 14 people participated at some point or another and I hope that those who only got through the first few chapters do not consider this bible study "finished" until they've added their thoughts for the final chapters!! I'm still adding links up at the top of the page there! So feel free to let me know when you want added...

Also, I've added a little poll to the sidebar of this blog, so if you're reading this on your phone, ipad, or on a blog roll, please visit my ACTUAL blog and answer the question pleeeeease! :-)
And feel free to add your "review" of this "bloggin' bible study" in the comment section. I'm looking for things like, "your posts were too long."  " I wish we'd had more time on each chapter."   "I loved your witty remarks about holy scriptures." and "why don't they give out Oscars for Blog posts?! You should get one."  etc. etc.

And of course, head on over to the Link at the top of the blog where you can visit all the ladies who've participated in this study and read all their great thoughts on Philippians! I keep adding to the list so check back in! :-)


JCB said...

My final (?) thoughts on the matter.

~Ruth Marie

Esther said...

SO, I realize I did not participate this time around, but I voted in the little poll thing that I would definitely be interested in the next go-round.
But could we maybe do it after the first of next year?

Melissa said...

I had fun doing this bible study, although I wasn't as disciplined about it as I intended to be.

And... I wish there was an easy way to have an all-participants discussion on the chapter. Like, everyone do their own study but also hae a discussion forum type thing? I guess that could happen in the comments section of each blog, but that's a bit scattered. Just thinking, I don't hae any solutions :)

Thank you, Abigail, for the work you put into this!

Anonymous said...

Loved the bible study even tho I only contributed my own thoughts twice, it was still great to read other peoples ideas and insights. Louise

C-Cubed said...

I really enjoyed the Bible study too. I didn't post as much as I would have liked, but I did enjoy studying the letter and reading other people's thoughts.

Miranda said... - my review...