January 04, 2012


How totally adorable is my son today?

So, this is my "Mommy Date" time. I'm spending it at Starbucks working on a few Internet projects.

But I thought Id drop the ol' blog a line, because I wanted to follow up my yesterday post with what's happened since: I had one friend schedule a visit for later in the year ( much later, but during a time when I'm guessing I'm gonna be extra lonely), I had a blogging friend invite Ransom and I for a visit! Fun! And it's always good to have those kind of things stored away so that your mind always has things to look forward to- that's the most important thing for mental well being in my opinion. AND last but not least I've been scouring our neighborhood the last few weeks trying to find the closest empty house for my friends The Fones to move into when they move to Benning at the end of the month.....and what do you know?! Our downstairs neighbors must have moved overnight or something!! Good riddance crazy people!! And now I'm praying hard that Lindsay and I get to live together again ( or at least under the same roof...this time with our respective homes, husbands and children...)

All that being said, the Lord continues to remind me of his Goodness, His presence and above all His perfect timing.

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Anonymous said...

and I'll get to start visiting you again when I get back in July!!!