February 13, 2012

A non-runner

So, I've never liked running. It was boring and it hurt my little bitty lungs, and besides swimming was soooo much better.

BUT after Ransom was born and after childcare at the gym went up in price by about a million dollars, I decided running was for me. Besides, I had a really great running partner-which if you know-can make ALL the difference in ALL the world.

So, Ransom would get all comfy in his jogging stroller, I'd put on my heart monitor ( now that my running partner moved to Hawaii...tears...its the only way for me to really know how fast I'm going), plug in my route on my iRun app on my phone ( best App EVER!) and off we'd go....things were grand, and I'd even planned to run a little 5k with my friend Melissa when our Hubbies were gone next month...and then....TRAGEDY STRUCK.

Over Christmas I got some new running shoes...Asics. Apparently they were the best. But as soon as I started wearing in them I started getting KILLER shin splints. So, I made the terrible mistake of going back to my old shoes ( shoes that I hate to admit this...but I've had them since before Ransom was born...shudder.) Anyway, I went back to them and every thing seemed fine. Until, I did *something* to my ankle last week. It didn't hurt during or even after my run but it hurt like the dickens the NEXT day....but I decided to walk it off ( yes, I realize this post is riddled with hand slapping to the forehead moments...) and took three days off, bought some sole inserts for my shoes and I ran again on Friday.....of course, all of you are shaking your heads at me at this point. Especially since I've been literally hobbling around ever since.
So, I promised Brett I'd take a week off ( at least...meeh!) from running and I've got a brace on my ankle and I'm icing it whenever I have a few moments to do so....but let me tell you. THIS my friends is IRONY. I finally decide I like running and now I can't even do it. :-(

P.S. I really, really need to be able to run....it is literally the only exercise I can do WITH Ransom that we both seem to enjoy. *whimper*  I am begging God to give me another chance with my ankle. I promise to treat it better this go around.


Anonymous said...

Hey Abigail, I had excruciating shin splints in college. They improved by doing exercises that somebody around there can probably show you, but what made them go away completely was actually going to a running shoe store and having one of the salespeople fit me with running shoes. Someone that knows what they're doing, looks at if i over/under pronate, looks at my feet and can compute that with the problems I have, to come up with a selection of good running shoes for me. That, rather than picking out my own shoes. The shoes you end up with will probably cost (alot) more, but I've learned that for me it's worth it not to have shin splints or arches that hurt at the end of a run. I'd tell you of one in Columbus if I knew of one, but I didn't buy any while I was there (even though I should have!). Hoping your pain resolves soon!

Melissa said...

Oh I was hoping it was just going to get better!

There's that BIG DOG Running Store on Broadway, maybe they could help?

And I'll walk the 5k with you if you're not better in a few weeks, no complaints there! :)