February 28, 2012

The story of the Wagon

So, last month  ( January) Brett was gone for a lot of the month. Its kind of a blur really but I definitely remember a few low points, but we got through them, he came home and February has been a rather Brett-full month! This is nice because in the next few days he'll be gone again for a month. 30 days straight ( not 31, because then Army would have to give him extra $$ and they wouldn't want to do that now would they?!?)...Annnyway, you may remember my post about how my ankle is hurt...well, it turns out its my foot...and they don't really know what's wrong so I've got to get a bone scan which... *Sidebar for a little rant*

UMMMM...have you EVER heard of anything so LAME ( pun) as to have a rule that anyone getting a bone scan has to COME DOWN to the hospital to make the appointment?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?! SERIOUSLY.
I had to pack my kid into his carseat, with a snack, a book and a sippy cup, drive to the hospital, drive around to find a parking spot, park the car, get out the stroller, put my kid, his sippy cup and the book into the stroller, walk a MILE ( huge parking lot...) to the hospital....walk to radiology where I had to wait in a long line ( WHERE A WOMAN CUT ME!!!!) and then have them say, "would March the 9th work at 8:30?!"

*sidebar completed*
so the bone scan will take "several weeks" to get the results from and who knows how long they will take to actually do something about those results...*sigh* All this to say that I've been in serious mourning not geting to go for my runs in the morning. And today I realized I was boarding on more than mourning when I realized that my MAJOR coping mechanism when Brett is gone is to put Ransom in the jogging stroller and walk...and walk...and walk. He loves the stroller and we can both just clear are little heads. Some how being out of the house and in motion makes loneliness easier.
But not this month.

I'm so sad.
But tonight I'm claiming something. I went to my bi-yearly consignment sale where I score awesome finds.  However, this year I was late, because I had another engagement. But, I was ok with that because really all I needed was clothes. However, in my heart of hearts I wanted a wagon. You know one of those awesome Red wagons that I can pull Ransom and half his toys around in?! A wagon we can take to the beach, or to the zoo?! YESSSSSS one of those...Ok, so anyway, I was pretty sure that getting such a wagon would be a long shot since usually all the big items are gone in the first 15 minutes of the doors opening. But I wondered in 20 minutes late and if my eyes had been closed I would have tripped right over the most wonderful Radio Flyer red wagon you ever saw...I looked around, no one was near it or looked like it was theirs...I looked all over the wagon to see if it had a "sold" sign on it. No sign. I looked at the wagon more closely to see if it was defected. Nothing major. And then I looked at the price.

That's right. I scored my perfect wagon for $20 ( these things run around $80 on average)....WOOO HOO!

Anyway, I went and got all of Ransom's summer clothes ( and some awesome boots for me...it pays to have tiny feet...) and was heading home when I started to think about my Wagon. Now, you might shake your head at me and tell me I'm stretching a bit, and that's totally your prerogative. But I for one believe my wagon was a little gift from Above. A reminder that He knows my heart. He knows my secret and not so secret desires. And even if I'm not healed enough to walk the block a million and one times I know Jesus will be with Ransom and I ( and Brett too for that matter) in the coming month away from each other.
He is the giver of perfect gifts.


Paul said...

I think it's amazing what we won't ask God for, as if to say "I'll get THAT on my one thankyouverymuch." Usually the "little things" but if we don't have faith to ask for the little things, what does that say about our faith? That's probably a blog post, but it was just easier to piggy-back on yours :-)

Melissa said...

I'm so stoked about wagon times! And I know that the Lord loves you as His daughter and hears your heart. He desires to bless you, even in little ways like this.

Also.... Tricare Standard. Just sayin'! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Definitely a little gift from above :) Those are what get me through the tough times. About 5 more months! Can't wait to hang out and share :D