March 17, 2012


Ahhh Murphy's law. It knows the Army well...ask any army wife and she'll tell you-her husband leaves for any length of time and something bad usually/always happens.

Case in point: Brett left for a month and Ransom IMMEDIATELY got sick. Within the hour.

I think it also might extend itself a little because my parents have been visiting all week and as SOON as they drove away, my air conditioner broke. And THEN after it broke it began to leak, and it leaked so badly that there are literally bubbles in the ceiling, dripping water on to the floor underneath.
One can only laugh at such timing. Because when such coincidence happens in books and movies I usually roll my eyes and say, "soooo unbelievable."

WRONG. The plot progression happening at my house alone is astounding. I give the Abigail Show a solid A- rating according to Entertainment Weekly's rating scale.

In other news, I ate TWO cupcakes today, over time, but still...they had a LOT of icing on them.
I also got ten hours of sleep last night thanks to my amazing parents who watched Ransom for me. Fantastic.

oh, and there is some kind of BABY BOOM happening on facebook right now, it is as if every person on my time line is giving birth or HAS given birth in just a matter of days. It's intense.

Oh, and I'd also like to recommend that if you're married or thinking about getting married or...would one day consider being married, you should DEFINITELY listen to the Real Marriage Series going on right now at the Mars Hill Church. Goooood stuffffff

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thomas mid said...

It took some hunting down, but I finally remembered that it was you who recommended the Mars Hill marriage sermon series. Thank you, I have only listened to the first installment, however I feel like it is the first preaching on marriage that I have enjoyed, for the lack of a better word, in a long time.