March 14, 2012

What works

So, after my last blog post some questions came up regarding just HOW I was able to accomplish what I did....and after reading one of my friends blog who has teeny tiny baby, I feel this is important to share.

Ransom is now at an age where, while he still has a low tolerance for me doing chores, he can be tricked for certain amounts of time into thinking that they are games. dishes. Laundry, organizing of closets...all things that he thought were fun for helpful amounts of time. I just had to come to grips with the fact that I often had to leave tasks in the middle for a change of scenery when SOMEBODY got too grumpy...
AND now that he is no longer a teeny tiny baby and I get a good, healthy amount of sleep every night, and so does he....doing a little more than brush my teeth actually seems like a possibility.

That being said, it is still all about me letting go of my previous expectations of myself. I no longer believe that a day where I put on real clothes and that's it, as a wash. HEELLLLOOOOO?! Real person clothes? That's a success!!! So, if I get half a load of laundry done, awesome. I also fed and clothed a human being as well! SUCCESS

THIS is hopefully the kind of attitude that will help me stay sane and ultimately accomplish things (over time). I also want to note that all those things I accomplished last week COULD NOT BE DONE with a younger child. I am thankful every day that Ransom has reached a "reasonable" age. gosh I love toddlers. I really really do.

And here's the other thing I've learned about myself. When Brett took his current job and I went from being a full time mom to being a FULL TIME Mom. Brett and I both realized that for my sanity's sakes I needed some "me" time at least once a week. And since he wasn't able to help in that regard we hired the most amazing babysitter ever ( seriously, when she graduates college I will CRY....secretly. ) she comes once a week for three hours. Allowing me to clean my car, get the oil changed, go shopping in peace, get my nails done, work on my computer (in the attic bedroom), sit in a coffee shop, do a quiet time...or anything else I want to do. Those little hours are important. And even when I spend them doing chores, the important thing is it gives me a chance to MISS my kid, which I find is a really wonderful emotion and makes me a better Mom when I come home.

Further more, from experience I know that weekends without Brett are infinitely harder than week days-for many reasons. SO, before the month even started I scheduled a special Saturday free time with my amazing babysitter....I ate a brownie Sundae and watched John Carter and the whole weekend was much better because of it. I have often felt guilty that I "require" these extra free times, but I am also grateful that they are a possibility for me....besides, Ransom digs his babysitter so much he practically pushes me out the door when she comes. Like I said, I'm gonna CRY on Graduation day.


Katie said...

Well said! I loved it when Eden got to an age that I would randomly find her entertaining herself quietly in her room. It was usually only 10-20 minutes, but I learned how to do chunks of bigger jobs little by little. You will LOVE the age 3 :). When Thomas is gone (not comparing this to armyness, but for instance his month in Israel last summer) I line up a babysitter for a couple times a week in advance. Just being able to keep those few hours in my line of site helped me stay sane during the long days with no help. I took myself on a date to see the last Harry Potter movie the last time (I think it might be time to randomly get a babysitter again!).

Candace said...

Phew! I am glad you clarified that because your accomplished list looks very nearly like the one I still need to do, only with 1st trimester grog/nappiness it sometimes feels like it'll be DECADES before it all gets done. Looking forward to a time when I'll feel more energy and get more done. maybe. hopefully. we'll see.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Abigail! Thanks for posting that. I have my days when I think, "Wow, I got lost of stuff done," and then there's days when I moan, "I am still in my pjs and David just threw up on his clothes - again." We all feel like this at times, I'm sure.

Now, I just have to scout around for a babysitter...