March 10, 2012

the weather channel.

I think my attitude is clearly connected to sunlight. Give me a sunny day with clear blue, blue skies and I am infinitely happier. Infinitely.

I'm wondering that if I were to live in a tropical location if I would become the happiest, most productive person in the world. 

Since I will probably never get to live in a tropical location lets just go ahead and say, "yes."

Today was gorgeous. Sunny, 73 degrees, a little wind here and there. I sat outside during Ransom's nap time and soaked in a such as I possibly could.

Brett has been gone for a week, he's officially no longer contactable and has been that way for two days and counting. I miss him terribly but today, thanks to the sun ( and the Lord, obviously) all seemed much more doable. I will soak in today as much as possible because there are inevitably hard days too. Life is so very much like weather sometimes...

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Melissa said...

Yay for a good attitude!

I am so very tired and realized today that it's ONLY been a week, albeit a very weird and awful week.

If it's nice tomorrow, let's be outside :)