March 12, 2012

One Week fully and completely down.

When Brett is gone I have a lot more free time. Its weird because its not like he is around that much when he IS at home...but I suppose it adds up. Like weekends. He's usually around for at least one day over the weekend and that's really nice..or at least a couple nights during the week. That's definitely hours that I'm unproductive.

But now. Its just tons and tons of  productive ( or at least HYPOTHETICALLY productive) time.

So on top of my usual routine I've done just a few extra things...

So, here's what I've done so far:
Re-organized the hall closet.
Re-organized the guest bedroom closet.
Bought and organized Ransom's summer clothing.
Gotten my hair cut.
Written a reference letter for a friend.
Researched why my internet bill was so expensive last month.
written and published last month's family newsletter
re-organized my pantry
cleaned the whole house ( over several days and evenings)
caught up with friends
downloaded and uploaded pictures for february
cooked two meals for people who are ill or just had babies
made a breakfast item to bring to bible study
babysat Lily.
Watched The Help
Watched the latest twilight movie ( don't remember or care what it was called...embarrassed I'm even telling you about this).
Watched The Bodyguard ( oh, Whitney...)
Watched John Carter
Watched a ton of television shows...too many to keep track...sadly.
Started reading the Mark of the Lion series again.
Watched two sermons

What I have yet to do in the next three weeks:
Have a night away with Lindsay
Do our taxes
get my nails done
organize Brett and my closet
organize ransom's closet
get down my spring/summer clothing from the attic
put away most winter clothing
make cookies for my new neighbors
make something for our FRG potluck

That's all I've got so far, and considering how much I got done in week one...I better add some more items to my list. Movies I need to watch? Sermons I need to listen to? Things you really think I ought to do? Comments are welcome ;-)


Life as I know it said...

Get sucked into Revenge. It totally got me hooked and I had to watch the entire season on Hulu.

C-Cubed said...

You should watch Emma the Masterpiece Classic version. You're more than welcome to borrow it :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't believe that someone didn't write that you should come visit and do all that stuff for them! Seriously, girl, I don't now how you do it! I am still trying to figure out how t get stuff done with a baby.

I do have a big question - how did you go see a movie in an actual theater without Brett there (I'm referring to John Carter unless you saw it some other way). I haven't gone to see a movie since before David was born. Yep, almost a year....

Enjoy your productivity....and time with Linds and Lily!

Jenn :)

Anonymous said...

get with Susan and make me a mason jar cake! lol. how about, take naps?

Amy K. said...